August, 2018

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Out Power, Out Last, Out Grip Story . . .

This is baaaaaad aaaass

It’s a story about the results one ordinary man gained by including Heavyhands as part of his training routine.


Hi Michael,

Just dropping you a quick note.

I’m 40 and I train in martial arts 2x per week and you can guess, I’m the oldest.

I have been hanging with all the 20 year old kids fairly easy

(I was former Marine – so still in decent shape).

I want to share some of the results I’ve been getting with the Heavy Hands.

The Heavyhands is really changing my jiu-jitsu game.

First off, I’m getting multiple results from my 3-4 days per week of Heavy Hands.

First and foremost my strength and conditioning is now so far beyond others I train with and it’s amazing.

My arms and grip feel like they have endless energy and strength with lungs the size of beach balls!

I know this will sound sort of strange to some readers, but until you get into it and it hits you it probably won’t make a lick of sense!

I have two measurements that I have use to judge the effectiveness of the Heavyhands exercises.

They are BJJ/grappling and the riding a Schwinn Airdyne stationary bike.

I know the Airdyne one will have your readers scratching their heads but I will explain shortly after I discuss the most important for me, my grappling conditioning.

As anyone who has done BJJ or any type of hard grappling will tell you arm and forearm/grip fatigue is a killer when grappling.

Once your shoulders, arms, and especially your forearms get fatigued you can’t hand fight or grip anything.

Most people have heard that BJJ is not about strength, but technique and leverage, which is true, it is the base.

But let me assure you one must be strong and conditioned to go all out in a roll after roll after roll training.

If you can’t hand fight or get grips, you’re swimming with the sharks and bleeding like a stuck pig.

At my age of 40, I have to have something in my back pocket to keep me on the mat with all the 20 year old guys I train with, and that’s Heavyhands.

Over the past 2 weeks I have seen unreal improvements in my grip strength and endurance.

This past Tuesday I put in 3 hard 15-20 minute rolls, I am talking about 90-100% rolls and my arms never failed me.

Actually it seemed that the longer I went the stronger I got.

Maybe it was my grip and pressure was weakening my training partners much quicker than before.

I was locking up crushing Kimura locks easily along with being able to forcefully dig my way into deep collar holds for chokes.

I felt like the shark for once and felt like I was taking them out into the deep water where there was no escaping my strength and conditioning.

My wind?

Never caught a hard breath and breathed through my nose most of the rolls.

Heavyhands has been so dramatic that the wife has even started Heavy handing it and now I have to share my heavy hands with the her since she’s seen the physical appearance improvements.

Here’s the deal on the Airdyne.

On the mornings she is Heavyhanding it, I am riding the airdyne.

Here’s something interesting I’ve found.

I used to able to ride at between 48-53 rpm to get into my heart rate zone and the riding wasn’t physically hard at all.

Now, for me to get into in my HR zone I am having to pedal at 58-63 rpm to just stay in the zone.

For me, riding at this pace for 30-45 minutes becomes agonizing.

My legs and arms burn like crazy and I look down at my HR monitor and I am humming along at 133-135 bpm.

If things keep going like this I’ll be riding at my old sprint speeds just to get into my aerobic zone.

Here is all I am going to say about my appearance.

I am much more vascular than I have ever been, and let me tell you my arms are extremely vascular now.

I now have muscles being built that I never knew existed.

I am noticing a thickening around the inside of my elbow joints that I have never had before.

My BF is now at 12% and I have veins in my lower abs.

Here is the best thing of all, I am not “dieting” anymore.

The Heavy Hands are affecting my appetite just like you get from hard swimming.

I always became ravenous after swimming and no other activity produced that effect with me other than Heavy Hands.

It’s like I can’t get enough food now.

I used to get fat on 2100 calories per day and now I’d guess I am eating closer to 3000 give or take a few.

I can eat what I want now and eat until I am fully satisfied to nearly stuffed 3-4 times per day with no issues.

I’ll never have to diet again with Heavy Hands.

No more destroyed metabolism here!

PS. Us older guys can still be good, we just have to be patient and let our exercise programs do the work for us since we can’t roll hard 3-5x per week like the young guys.

Thanks again for the great info on a great system.

Jeffery Roark

A Typical Weighted Hands Conversation . . .

We get calls from all kinds of long time Heavyhands users.

And here is a fun example they usually play out.


Michael, I just rediscovered Heavyhands after a suffering an injury from heavy dead lifting awhile back.

We had an old pair of my mothers in the back of her closet.

I am trying to get back in shape and recover.

I have lost about 25 pounds using Heavyhands, doing kettle bell swings, and dieting over the past two months.

I have been doing step ups with a 5 lb pair of Heavyhands on a punching bag I have lying on the floor.

I do it for 30 minutes at a time (kind of like running stairs).

I find it much more challenging than walking on a treadmill.

I have read Dr. Leonard Schwartz’s books and wish I would have been doing this type of workout years ago.

I just feel fantastic doing this type of panaerobic workout.

Your modern Weighted Hands set ups look great, probably much better than the older ones.

The question I have do you sell the new set in a package deal with several different sized weights?

I plan on continuing this type of workout and my handles are rather old and I would like to upgrade.

Thanks again for your assistance.



That is great news Jack.

I don’t really have a package deal because I sell the weights separate from the Ergo Handles.

My ergo handles are $129 for the set. Shipping is free.

I can custom fit your hand size. You just tell me your hand size, s,m,l,xl.

Like you said, it’s an investment in you and your future.

You will only need to pay me once for the life of the product.

I have given you the price for the 4 and 5 lb sets.

What additional weights are you thinking about getting?

Maybe I can offer you a bit of a discount.


I guess what I would like to do is order a set of your handles with the set of four of the 5 lb weights.

I have medium sized hands.

I will order additional weights from you when I am able to go heavier.

So would the total cost be $274.00 including shipping to Olathe Kansas and you accept PayPal?

If so send me the invoice and I will send the funds to your PayPal account this evening.

Thanks again.



Hi Michael,

Just sent you the payment to your PayPal account.

Thanks again for all your help.

I may order a set of lighter weights for my wife in a few weeks.

Lofty Goals Lead To Lofty Efforts . . .

Yesterday, I was out with my two boys.

We were in the car, going to a huge neighborhood garage sale.

And I get this text from one of my new Weighted Hands clients.

Last month he ordered a set of my 5 lbs weights.

He wants to get that ripped look and this is what I read . . .


WTF is going on?

You didn’t tell me Weighted Hands works your core as well!

I’m still whittling off the flab but I can feel a solid brick in my core now.

Totally unexpected – even my Missus is surprised.

So awesome!

I did my second Weighted Hands workout today on Maui

Walked four miles from Kihei to Wailea including lots of hill work.

It took 95 minutes.