September, 2018

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The Bread And Butter Of Weighted Hands Walking . . .

I love to eat.

And there is nothing better than a warm piece of bread with butter.

And it’s the same with the Weighted Hands level one pump.

This pump is probably the easiest weighted hands exercise a beginner can do.

Getting results with Waited Hands simply comes down to mathematics.

The more you move your Weighted Hands, the more energy it takes.

And what you do with your Weighted Hands is your choice.

You can go long

You can go fast

Or you can go heavy

It’s simple.

The more energy you use, the more calories you burn.

But the best part about Weighted Hands combined exercise is that it feels easier compared to two limb training like running or biking.

Plus, you don’t need a gym membership or any special place to go.

All you need are your Weighted Hands and the ability to walk out your front door.

As you get stronger, you’ll naturally start lifting your Weighted Hands higher, faster and longer.

So don’t forget about the the level one pump.

This movement is the best friend any Weighed Hander can have.

It’s like bread and butter.

For a no cost video demonstrating this move,

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New Weighted Hands Success Interview

Here’s a New Weighted Hands Success Interview

This guy’s got some great ideas on . . .

How To Modify Your Workout And Stay Athletic Your Entire Life

Bob used to be an all-around athlete.

He did triathlons, was an avid skier, played tennis and golf.

Then, he blew his knee out.

Fortunately, Bob has been working out with HeavyHands since the 1980s.

When he was younger, he says he used them to help him reach his peak athletic shape.

And now that he’s older with knee problems, he uses them to get a full-body workout while he’s walking – without pounding his knee or his back.

And in this audio, you’ll hear how HeavyHands can be a part of your workout throughout your life too – no matter what stage of the game you’re currently in.

You’ll Also Hear…

* A quick guide to how much the weights and handles weigh and how to run the calculations – so you always know how much you’re carrying

* The one workout Bob says has given him the most definition for his arms – it’s also good for cardio and a great way to lose weight too

* Why Bob says the new handles can help you get more of a workout in

* How to get more definition in your arms.

* How to get upper body exercises at the same time.

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to be out of shape.

It just means you have to look for ways to modify your workout after injuries or arthritis.

And in this audio, you’ll hear how Bob uses HeavyHands to help him do that.

To listen to the full audio interview,

go to

Look for the headline Modify Your Workout And Stay Athletic Your Entire Life

Michael Senoff

Is There A Place For Weighted Hands In Sports . . .

I’ve outlined a few benefits that Weighted Hands can offer armature and or pro athletes in a variety of sports.


* Increases grip strength
* Increase dexterity and coordination for ball handling and control
* Running backs and receivers can especially benefit
* Build strong cardio vascular systems
* Builds hand, wrist and arm strength
* Build more endurance for passing, running, blocking, defending and tackling
* Weighted Hands can be used for rehabilitation for injuries, including the arms and shoulders
* Low cost, low impact, portable for traveling.


* Weighted Hands can improves dexterity and coordination for ball handling.
* Increases range of motion for more forceful shooting
* May help with shooting accuracy from the three point and free throw line
* Increases endurance in the upper body for better ball control, dribbling skills and player defense
* Can help train to jump higher and more powerfully
* Low cost, low impact, portable for traveling.


* Working with Weighted hands can maximizes club grip strength
* Build rotational force and driving power to hit the ball further
* Helps for more stabilization with your golf shot
* Improve overall control or swing and ball shot accuracy
* May aid in the pain relief and rehabilitation of golfer’s elbow, tendonitis and rotator cuff problems
* Low cost, low impact, portable for traveling.

Rehab & RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries)

* Working with Weighted hands can aid in pain relief of the hand, wrist, arm and shoulders
* Pain and injury prevention trough strength building endurance
* Rehabilitation of carpal tunnel pain with specific exercises
* Help loosen joints to relieve pain of arthritis, tendonitis and tennis elbow
* Slow, progressive resistance with no impact
* Can help you recover from extensive surgeries
* Help to avoid you having to undergo a surgery
* Low cost, low impact, portable for traveling.


* Develop grip strength
* Build a more powerful throwing and batting arm
* Increase swing range of motion
* Help rehab bad elbows from tendonitis of pitchers and outfielders.
* Increases coordination and dexterity
* Build better throwing accuracy and consistency.
* Low cost, low impact, portable for traveling.


* Builds dexterity
* Increase ball hitting speed and power in forehands, serves and backhands.
* Develop greater range of motion
* Develop more pin-point accuracy and ball placement
* Increase aerobic endurance and conditioning
* Helps strengthen muscles throughout the entire arms and legs
* Help prevent injuries by building more strength
* Rehab from injuries including tennis elbow and tendonitis with minimal impact
* Low cost, low impact, portable for traveling.

These are just a few ideas of how Weighted Hands can better your game.

If you know anyone who is serious about their sport, pass this email with this link along.