November, 2018

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I Lost 16 Pounds in 20 Days

Here’s an exciting update from new Weighted Hands user, Mr. Don Love who lost 16 pounds in 20 days.


I continue to do well with Weighted Hands at 2.5 pounds/hand and Level II intensity.

I have even impressed myself with my results and need to remind myself that I am 60 and may be pushing it a little too hard for my age, but there’s no motivator like success!

My latest: Pump’N’Walk Level II, 1.5 miles in 52.35 min time with a sustained peak HR (about 142) of 33 min, sustained cardio rate (> 112 bpm) for 18 min, and fat burning rate (above resting rate and below 112 bpm) for 2 min of the total walk, according to my fit-bit ™ monitor.

About a fifth of that walk time is a cool down walk, with my 88 year old mother at her pace but maintaining Level II lifts.

My resting heart rate is consistently in the mid 50’s and my recovery HR time after exercise is about 6 minutes (it used to be closer to 10)

And, most surprising to me, I lost 16 pounds in 20 days!

That much in so short a time would probably excite more than one doctor, but I assure you I did that safely, with no risk to my health, and felt great doing it.

I still can hardly believe my results.

I don’t think I really had my heart in it when I used Heavy Hands earlier in my life (no pun intended!).

That’s REAL progress since I received my Weighted Hands only a month ago.

I now consider myself a “Handler”

So, please send me the PayPal ordering form for 3 pound weights and two sweatbands.
Very pleased in Colorado,
Don Love

Thanks again for bringing Heavy Hands back.

I couldn’t be happier!

Weighted Hands is a time multiplier.

It simply burns energy faster and more effectively that just walking alone.

Voyeurs Advice For The Weighted Hands Neophyte . . .

New to Weighted Hands?

Want to turn regular walks into calorie-burning workouts?

Then you MUST read every word of this true story below.

Here’s what it’s all about . . .

Terry been walking with Heavyhands for over 25 years.

He started doing Heavyhands back in 1978 when he developed arthritis in his two big toe joints and couldn’t run anymore.

He was frustrated as hell because no other workout was helping him keep the weight off like cross-country running.

Then he saw Dr. Leonard Schwartz’s book Heavyhands at the books store and thought he’d give it a shot.

So he started walking with Heavyhands and changes were happening fast.

He immediately noticed muscle definition in his legs and arms similar to what he had when he was running, and he hasn’t looked back.

And in this audio, you’ll hear how easy it is to incorporate Heavyhands into your fitness routine even after injury or arthritis.

You’ll Also Learn . . .

• Exactly what Terry noticed when he quit doing Weighted Hands during the winter months because of the cold – and what he does now to keep Weighted Hands a part of his year-round routine

• A quick look at Terry’s modified workouts: how he incorporates Weighted Hands into his running now along with other exercises he does too

• Exactly how long you need to work out before you see results

• Clear and straightforward advice for anyone starting out

Terry says the increased calorie burn of the Weighted Hands workout has been the only thing remotely similar to the results he got running long distances – but without the strain on his feet or the drive to the gym.

And in this audio interview, you’ll hear how he’s started using Weighted Hands to do that, so he’s turning his regular walks into calorie-burning workouts.

You can click the link below to play or download the full interview.

Or click the level II link below for additional interviews like this.