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I’ve heard from hundreds of Heavyhands users over the years.

And their stories are always dramatic and amazing!

Some of our customers have been using Heavyhands for over 30 years.

I’ve started documenting their stories and now you can listen to what Heavyhands has done for others.

Learn workout routines and tips for getting the most out of Heavyhands and Weighted Hands® exercise.

Are Weighted Hands Really The Fastest Way To Meet Your Fitness Goals This Year?

Jay has one goal in life right now – to see his abs before he turns 42 in January. And he’s well on his way. He stopped crash dieting and says he’s finally getting serious about his fitness. And in this quick audio, you’ll hear how he plans to make Weighted Hands a big part of that routine.

He just received his weights so we go over some good starting exercises and a plan to up his calorie burn and muscle density, so he can have the look he’s always wanted.

You’ll Also Hear . . .

• The surprising truth about walking on a treadmill (Is it really that different from walking outside?)

• Exactly how to make a simple one-mile loop around your neighborhood into a calorie-burning, muscle-building routine

• The link between arm exercises, energy, and calories burned

• The biggest difference between Weighted Hands and dumbbells (Before he got his Weighted Hands, Jay says he worked out for only 45 minutes with regular dumbbells – here’s why he’ll never do that again)

• The best “first exercises” to try so you start off easy, but not too easy

Jay’s like most people. He’d rather exercise a little more instead of be the guy at the table who has to order the salad while everyone else gets to gulp down juicy burgers. And in this audio, you’ll hear how he’s started using Weighted Hands to do that, so he’s turning his regular walks into calorie-burning workouts.

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Adam is a “Super Walker” and he’s lost 40 lbs in the last 7 weeks by walking and cutting out sugar. Now he’s using  weighted hands to take off even more weight fast.


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Hear this interview with long time Heavyhands user, Mike. Hear what got him started and what worked and did not work.


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