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Time To Put Your Stone on The Mountain . . .

I don’t like animated films.

But last night, me and the family watched the soon to be Disney classic called Moana.

It’s about a brave little girl named Moana who was chosen by the sea to travel far, fight great spirits and ultimately save her families Island.

And when Moana was old enough, her father knew the time had come.

So he gave her . . .  “The Talk”.

And he took her on a far journey to the tallest mountain top.

They climbed for what seemed like hours.

And when both reached the peak, he showed her a tower of stone slabs stacked as high as a palm tree.

Each stone placed by each of the fittest tribal leaders going back five hundred years.

And that’s when father told Moana.

“Moana, it’s Time To Put Your Stone On The Mountain.”

And Moana knew what he was saying.

Because she had the drive to be strong.

To have powerful shoulders and arms.

A grip that could crush a coconut.

And the wind in her legs that can take her miles faster than the eagle can fly.

And with Heavy Hands, this can be your truth.

It’s your turn to place your stone on the mountain.

Heavy Hands® is a tool.

It’s one you can use to get in the best shape of your life.

One you can build your upper body and aerobic conditioning.

And one that is essentially a time multiplier for burning fat.

It’s up to you what you do with them.

Michael Senoff

Makers of Heavy Hands Weights, Grips & Gear

Heavy Hands® / Weighted Hands® and are the registered trademarks of Michael Senoff.

All rights reserved

Beat Up By Gangs at 11, Strong Man By 15 . . .


After a group of neighborhood kids beat Dan White up when he was about 11, he decided he was going to become a bodybuilder like Charles Atlas.

Dan claims by the time he was 15; he could bench press 435 LB and may have been the strongest 15-year-old in the world.

But as an adult with a job and a life, he didn’t have as much time to go to the gym.

Fortunately, he discovered Heavy Hands was a great way to maintain his strength and muscularity in between more strenuous workouts.

Now, at almost 80 years old, he’s still using Heavy Hands, mostly to keep his muscles strong and his balance maintained, which he says is one of the biggest health issues facing seniors today.

On average, a person over 60 falls twice a year.

And when that happens, there’s a good chance they’ll need to go to a nursing home to recover.

Unfortunately, many of those people never return home to their regular lives.

Keeping your muscles strong is key to maintaining your balance and quality of life.

And in this audio, you’ll hear how Dan does it using Heavy Hands as a part of his everyday workout routine in just a couple 10-minute sessions a day.

And how you can do it too.

You’ll Also Learn . . .

* An insider’s look at the exact routine Dan does in one-to-three 10-minute sessions a day – in front of the TV or outside when the weather’s nice – to maintain balance, strength, and endurance

* Debunking the myth that you should find a spot on the wall when you exercise to help keep your balance, and the real place you should be looking

* Exactly what you need to know about preventing falls and maintaining balance, and how that changes as you age

* A little-known fact: Correct posture is vital as you get older. Here’s a look at why that is and how to maintain it

* The simple 10-minute exercise Dan does first thing every morning because he says it’s “the best antidote for arthritis he’s ever come across.”

The human body can maintain muscle mass well into its 80s or 90s, which is key to keeping your strength and preventing falls.

But you have to work at it.

The good news is, those workouts can be easy 10-minute sessions that you can do anywhere.

And in this audio, you’ll hear how Dan does it using Heavy Hands and how you can do it too.

Dan’s interview is at the top of the page

Just hop on this link below.

Heavy Hands® is a tool.

It’s one you can use to get in the best shape of your life.

One you can build your upper body and aerobic conditioning.

One that can help you keep existing muscles strong and your balance maintained

And one that is essentially a time multiplier for burning fat.

It’s up to you what you do with them.

Now get out and get ripped!

Michael Senoff

Makers of Heavy Hands® Weights, Grips & Gear

Heavy Hands® / Weighted Hands® and are the registered trademarks of Michael Senoff.

All rights reserved

Trust, Victory, Forgive

That’s right: Trust, Victory, Forgive

My family and I have plans to go to Cabo San Lucas Mexico for spring break.

So I’m back on the Heavy Hands training for the next six weeks and trying to eat right.

I need to get into bathing suit condition fast.

So today, I skipped breakfast and decide to make a healthy salad for lunch.

And I’m sitting outside with my back to the sun.

And I’m noticing how tense and non-present my mind was while eating my salad.

So I say to myself.



Slow down

Concentrate on every bite.

Think about how delicious your salad taste.

Drop your shoulders

Loosen your arms.

And just chew.



And NOW my salad and the orange ginger dressing was tasting soo good.

And oo, I’m looking straight ahead.

And underneath my kitchen window is an old cabinet that I mounted on the wall.

And displayed inside are three large river rocks.

My son Alan and I painted each rock in October of 2015 for his Bar Mitzvah Project.

The three rocks read the words

Trust, Victory, Forgive

And as I think about my weight loss and conditioning journey, these three wise rocks were sharing their message and path to follow.

They gave me inspiration.

And here is what they said.

“Michael, you have to TRUST yourself to do the right thing.”

If you can do that, VICTORY will be yours as long as you are willing to FORGIVE yourself and others who have done you wrong.

You too can succeed when you live by these three words while you eat.

Trust, Victory, Forgive

Heavy Hands® is a tool.

It’s one you can use to get in the best shape of your life.

One you can build your upper body and aerobic conditioning.

And one that is essentially a time multiplier for burning fat.

It’s up to you what you do with them.

Michael Senoff

Makers of Heavy Hands Weights, Grips & Gear

Heavy Hands® / Weighted Hands® and are the registered trademarks of Michael Senoff.

All rights reserved

The Single Best Fitness Cardiovascular Endurance Book Ever Written

This best-selling book is out of print and it’s the single best fitness cardiovascular endurance book ever written.

But, if you’re lucky you can find a used copy for under $20 off of Amazon.

Here’s what one user posted on Amazon.

“This is the single best fitness, cardiovascular endurance book ever written!

That is a sweeping statement, but after over 20 years of using the Heavy Hands® system, I can say it with conviction.

Heavyhands can benefit any athlete or fitness enthusiast.

And it can be used regardless of your initial level of conditioning with great results (if systematically applied).

I first became familiar with Heavyhands in the 80’s and was amazed that Amazon found and offered this book.

If you want to read the true secrets of cardiovascular conditioning and body composition control, this is the book for you.

It is the very best there is!”

Hear proof from long time Heavy Hands users at this link below.

go to.

Heavy Hands® is a tool.

It’s one you can use to get in the best shape of your life.

One you can build your upper body and aerobic conditioning.

And one that is essentially a time multiplier for burning fat.

It’s up to you what you do with them.

Get the book HeavyHands.  It’s the single best Fitness Cardiovascular Endurance book ever written

Michael Senoff

Makers of Heavy Hands Weights, Grips & Gear

Heavy Hands® / Weighted Hands® and are the registered trademarks of Michael Senoff.

All rights reserved

The Inventor of HeavyHands, Dr. Leonard Schwartz

Dr. Leonard Schwartz, the inventor of Heavyhands made millions on his patents, best selling books and licensing deals to AMF Sports and others.

I’ve been in the business of manufacturing and selling hand weights from my site for the last several years.  This exercise system is one I have been testing all along and it’s helped me drop 12% of my body weight over the last few months without destroying my back, knees and feet.

Millions of the little red sets of Heavyhands weights were sold in the 1980s.

Here’s an inside look at the story of HeavyHands and how Schwartz says working out with them can change the way you age.

Exercise enthusiast, Neil Myers, struck up a friendship with Dr. Schwartz years ago after reading how the late doctor used HeavyHands to decrease his pulse rate from 60 to 38 and his body fat from 14% to 4%.

Neil had only heard of elite athletes with numbers like that (not some guy in his 50s), so he contacted the doctor to find out more.

That was the beginning of a lifelong friendship that would change the way Neil viewed aging.

Dr. Leonard Schwartz didn’t believe that the musculoskeletal system needed to decline as we age.

He believed that working all four limbs at the same time, instead of just two, would allow feedback loops from the heart to the muscles to form and strengthen, preventing sudden overloads on the heart while also preventing muscular declines in strength and movement.

And in this audio interview, you’ll get an inside look at the inventor of the HeavyHands workout along with tips on the best exercises to do with the weights and how Dr. Leonard Schwartz intended they be used to improve your life.

You’ll Also Hear . . .

•  Why Dr. Leonard Schwartz called swimmers and cyclists “gravity cheaters” – and how to use the resistance of gravity as a way to make workouts even more beneficial

•  Why Dr. Leonard Schwartz didn’t believe you needed to lift heavy weights to improve health and strength – and a quick look at how he came up with his HeavyHands fitness concept

•  Debunking the hero myth that you need to “push through the pain” when exercising – what your body is really telling you and what to do instead

•  The real problem with “repetitive exercises’ and how simple changes to your HeavyHands workout can result in a whole new fitness routine – with changes in speed, cadence, angle, direction, and weight

•  What Dr. Leonard Schwartz considered to be one of the most important concepts to learn about fitness: “long-strength training.” What that means and how to make it a part of your routine

•  A step-by-step look at how to do one of the single most difficult movements of HeavyHands, and why you may want to give it a try

•  How long it usually takes to build a virtual “fat-burning furnace” so you’re controlling your weight with energy, strength, and stamina (without really trying)

As a hypnosis practitioner, Neil works with clients to improve their health and well being.

He says he recommends the HeavyHands workout to all his clients because it’s so versatile.

It doesn’t matter if you’re already an elite athlete or a couch potato, no matter where you are in life, there’s a place for you to start and get immediate benefits from the workout.

Even in his 80s, Dr. Schwartz was able to do things most people in their 30s would be happy to be doing.

And in this interview, you’ll hear all about him.

If you want the link to this interview and six additional interviews like this walk to the link below.

I Lost 16 Pounds in 20 Days

Here’s an exciting update from new Weighted Hands user, Mr. Don Love who lost 16 pounds in 20 days.


I continue to do well with Weighted Hands at 2.5 pounds/hand and Level II intensity.

I have even impressed myself with my results and need to remind myself that I am 60 and may be pushing it a little too hard for my age, but there’s no motivator like success!

My latest: Pump’N’Walk Level II, 1.5 miles in 52.35 min time with a sustained peak HR (about 142) of 33 min, sustained cardio rate (> 112 bpm) for 18 min, and fat burning rate (above resting rate and below 112 bpm) for 2 min of the total walk, according to my fit-bit ™ monitor.

About a fifth of that walk time is a cool down walk, with my 88 year old mother at her pace but maintaining Level II lifts.

My resting heart rate is consistently in the mid 50’s and my recovery HR time after exercise is about 6 minutes (it used to be closer to 10)

And, most surprising to me, I lost 16 pounds in 20 days!

That much in so short a time would probably excite more than one doctor, but I assure you I did that safely, with no risk to my health, and felt great doing it.

I still can hardly believe my results.

I don’t think I really had my heart in it when I used Heavy Hands earlier in my life (no pun intended!).

That’s REAL progress since I received my Weighted Hands only a month ago.

I now consider myself a “Handler”

So, please send me the PayPal ordering form for 3 pound weights and two sweatbands.
Very pleased in Colorado,
Don Love

Thanks again for bringing Heavy Hands back.

I couldn’t be happier!

Weighted Hands is a time multiplier.

It simply burns energy faster and more effectively that just walking alone.

Voyeurs Advice For The Weighted Hands Neophyte . . .

New to Weighted Hands?

Want to turn regular walks into calorie-burning workouts?

Then you MUST read every word of this true story below.

Here’s what it’s all about . . .

Terry been walking with Heavyhands for over 25 years.

He started doing Heavyhands back in 1978 when he developed arthritis in his two big toe joints and couldn’t run anymore.

He was frustrated as hell because no other workout was helping him keep the weight off like cross-country running.

Then he saw Dr. Leonard Schwartz’s book Heavyhands at the books store and thought he’d give it a shot.

So he started walking with Heavyhands and changes were happening fast.

He immediately noticed muscle definition in his legs and arms similar to what he had when he was running, and he hasn’t looked back.

And in this audio, you’ll hear how easy it is to incorporate Heavyhands into your fitness routine even after injury or arthritis.

You’ll Also Learn . . .

• Exactly what Terry noticed when he quit doing Weighted Hands during the winter months because of the cold – and what he does now to keep Weighted Hands a part of his year-round routine

• A quick look at Terry’s modified workouts: how he incorporates Weighted Hands into his running now along with other exercises he does too

• Exactly how long you need to work out before you see results

• Clear and straightforward advice for anyone starting out

Terry says the increased calorie burn of the Weighted Hands workout has been the only thing remotely similar to the results he got running long distances – but without the strain on his feet or the drive to the gym.

And in this audio interview, you’ll hear how he’s started using Weighted Hands to do that, so he’s turning his regular walks into calorie-burning workouts.

You can click the link below to play or download the full interview.

Or click the level II link below for additional interviews like this.

Weighted Hands The Jay Jah Interview . . .

Jay Jah has one goal in life right now.

And that’s to see his abs for the first time before he turns 42.

And he’s well on his way.

He stopped the crash dieting and says he’s finally getting serious about his fitness.

And in this audio interview, you’ll hear how he plans to make Weighted Hands the part of his routine to make things happen fast.

Jay just received his Weighted Hands so you can listen in while I reveal the best way for Jay to get started.

You’ll hear my fast start plan for rapid calorie burn and muscle toning so Jay can gain the look he’s always wanted.

The title of this interview is called . . .

Are Weighted Hands Really The Fastest Way To Meet Your Fitness Goals This Year?

You’ll Also Hear . . .

• The surprising truth about walking on a treadmill (Is it really that different from walking outside?)

• Exactly how to make a simple one-mile loop around your neighborhood into a calorie-burning, muscle-building routine

• The link between arm exercises, energy, and calories burned

• The biggest difference between Weighted Hands and dumbbells (Before he got his Weighted Hands, Jay says he worked out for only 45 minutes with regular dumbbells – here’s why he’ll never do that again)

• The best “first exercises” to try so you start off easy, but not too easy

Jay’s like most people. He’d rather exercise a little more instead of be the guy at the table who has to order the salad while everyone else gets to gulp down juicy burgers.

And in this audio, you’ll hear how he’s started using Weighted Hands to do that, so he’s turning his regular walks into calorie-burning workouts.

Pump the link below to play the interview.

Or you can go to level II link for additional interviews like this

New Weighted Hands Success Story

This email just in moments ago from one of my users with a new Weighted Hands Success Story.


I am a retired RN with ICU/CCU experience, a smoking history (but no more), no drugs, no alcohol.

Highly allergic or sensitive to every antihypertensive medication they have prescribed to lower my blood pressure.

I started out at 145/104, which no doctor wanted to prescribe more than a brisk daily walk as tolerated.

I have no history of heart attack, circulatory problems, or stroke or similar events.

Ironically, this was a support for a downward spiral into sedentary living.

I received my Weighted Hands on the 27th of August.

On the 29th, after a day of wearing them, taking them on and off, trying out their feel, and so forth, I put myself to the test.

I found that I was in such pitiful shape that I became winded after about 20 minutes, with only the end caps on (for a total of 1.5 lbs per hand!

I knew I was in for a bit of an initial struggle, and that I needed to take it slowly, so for the next 3 days, I confined myself to 15 minutes of Walk’n’Pump Level I, but multiple sessions (3/day).

This gradually improved with each session, so that by the 3rd day I could tolerate an uninterrupted hour long session.

I repeated this for the next two days, to build up my stamina, altering Levels to II.

I found that I could tolerate about 45 minutes at Level II fairly well.

I was reaching my target HR for longer periods.

All this time (from day one), I was also going for unweighted walks up to a mile, again to loosen up my legs and spine from all that sedentary living.

I decided to increase the weight to the AMF 2 pound weights (giving me 2.5 lbs in each hand).

Again, this challenged my stamina, but I was making gains and making them faster than I thought.

I have remained at this weight level since and am working up to surpassing a mile and a half sustained.

My weight is dropping off, my core is toning up, my range of motion is becoming more fluid, my respiration is deeper, I’m feeling good and my stamina is way beyond my starting point.

I look forward to my morning challenge, and find that it fuels more energy throughout my day.

I greatly prefer your handles to what I remember of the original ones; the back straps are snug but comforting, not restrictive and stiff.

It was a stroke of genius for you to design them ergonomically, and I am grateful.

I will be ordering 3 pound weights, and sweatbands soon, as soon as I get my next pension check!

Now, thanks to my ND (Naturopathic Physician) and to Weighted Hands, my pressure is averaging about 126/86, and my resting pulse is 61 beats per minute, down from 72 bpm.

Thanks again for bringing Heavy Hands back!

I couldn’t be happier!

Don Love

The Bread And Butter Of Weighted Hands Walking . . .

I love to eat.

And there is nothing better than a warm piece of bread with butter.

And it’s the same with the Weighted Hands level one pump.

This pump is probably the easiest weighted hands exercise a beginner can do.

Getting results with Waited Hands simply comes down to mathematics.

The more you move your Weighted Hands, the more energy it takes.

And what you do with your Weighted Hands is your choice.

You can go long

You can go fast

Or you can go heavy

It’s simple.

The more energy you use, the more calories you burn.

But the best part about Weighted Hands combined exercise is that it feels easier compared to two limb training like running or biking.

Plus, you don’t need a gym membership or any special place to go.

All you need are your Weighted Hands and the ability to walk out your front door.

As you get stronger, you’ll naturally start lifting your Weighted Hands higher, faster and longer.

So don’t forget about the the level one pump.

This movement is the best friend any Weighed Hander can have.

It’s like bread and butter.

For a no cost video demonstrating this move,

go to