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Proud To Have Dropped 78 Pounds With Heavy Hands.

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Sent: Sunday, March 31, 2019 8:19 PM
To: Michael Senoff

Subject: Demonstrating some of Dr. Schwartz’s classic moves

Hello Michael . . .

As a new customer, I am enjoying your daily emails.

I corresponded in the 1980s with Dr, Schwartz and exchanged several letters with him about Heavyhands.

I have always believed that his book (books) are the very best works on the fundamentals of exercise and learning your body.

Missing elements, to me, however, are understanding some of his less intuitive movements while walking.

I’ve seen your helpful demonstration videos, but they cover moves that I already know and use.

How about demonstrating some of the other less obvious movements in his book to expand my exercise medley.

I recommitted to Heavyhands last DEC 10th and am proud to have dropped 78 pounds since… it takes three workouts daily, and I consistently exercise more calories than I consume.

The weight loss just follows naturally. Your ergometric grips have made the movements more efficient.

Thanks for your continuing effort . . .


The Single Best Fitness Cardiovascular Endurance Book Ever Written

This best-selling book is out of print and it’s the single best fitness cardiovascular endurance book ever written.

But, if you’re lucky you can find a used copy for under $20 off of Amazon.

Here’s what one user posted on Amazon.

“This is the single best fitness, cardiovascular endurance book ever written!

That is a sweeping statement, but after over 20 years of using the Heavy Hands® system, I can say it with conviction.

Heavyhands can benefit any athlete or fitness enthusiast.

And it can be used regardless of your initial level of conditioning with great results (if systematically applied).

I first became familiar with Heavyhands in the 80’s and was amazed that Amazon found and offered this book.

If you want to read the true secrets of cardiovascular conditioning and body composition control, this is the book for you.

It is the very best there is!”

Hear proof from long time Heavy Hands users at this link below.

go to.


Heavy Hands® is a tool.

It’s one you can use to get in the best shape of your life.

One you can build your upper body and aerobic conditioning.

And one that is essentially a time multiplier for burning fat.

It’s up to you what you do with them.

Get the book HeavyHands.  It’s the single best Fitness Cardiovascular Endurance book ever written

Michael Senoff


Makers of Heavy Hands Weights, Grips & Gear

Heavy Hands® / Weighted Hands® and are the registered trademarks of Michael Senoff.

All rights reserved

I Lost 16 Pounds in 20 Days

Here’s an exciting update from new Weighted Hands user, Mr. Don Love who lost 16 pounds in 20 days.


I continue to do well with Weighted Hands at 2.5 pounds/hand and Level II intensity.

I have even impressed myself with my results and need to remind myself that I am 60 and may be pushing it a little too hard for my age, but there’s no motivator like success!

My latest: Pump’N’Walk Level II, 1.5 miles in 52.35 min time with a sustained peak HR (about 142) of 33 min, sustained cardio rate (> 112 bpm) for 18 min, and fat burning rate (above resting rate and below 112 bpm) for 2 min of the total walk, according to my fit-bit ™ monitor.

About a fifth of that walk time is a cool down walk, with my 88 year old mother at her pace but maintaining Level II lifts.

My resting heart rate is consistently in the mid 50’s and my recovery HR time after exercise is about 6 minutes (it used to be closer to 10)

And, most surprising to me, I lost 16 pounds in 20 days!

That much in so short a time would probably excite more than one doctor, but I assure you I did that safely, with no risk to my health, and felt great doing it.

I still can hardly believe my results.

I don’t think I really had my heart in it when I used Heavy Hands earlier in my life (no pun intended!).

That’s REAL progress since I received my Weighted Hands only a month ago.

I now consider myself a “Handler”

So, please send me the PayPal ordering form for 3 pound weights and two sweatbands.
Very pleased in Colorado,
Don Love

Thanks again for bringing Heavy Hands back.

I couldn’t be happier!

Weighted Hands is a time multiplier.

It simply burns energy faster and more effectively that just walking alone.

Voyeurs Advice For The Weighted Hands Neophyte . . .

New to Weighted Hands?

Want to turn regular walks into calorie-burning workouts?

Then you MUST read every word of this true story below.

Here’s what it’s all about . . .

Terry been walking with Heavyhands for over 25 years.

He started doing Heavyhands back in 1978 when he developed arthritis in his two big toe joints and couldn’t run anymore.

He was frustrated as hell because no other workout was helping him keep the weight off like cross-country running.

Then he saw Dr. Leonard Schwartz’s book Heavyhands at the books store and thought he’d give it a shot.

So he started walking with Heavyhands and changes were happening fast.

He immediately noticed muscle definition in his legs and arms similar to what he had when he was running, and he hasn’t looked back.

And in this audio, you’ll hear how easy it is to incorporate Heavyhands into your fitness routine even after injury or arthritis.

You’ll Also Learn . . .

• Exactly what Terry noticed when he quit doing Weighted Hands during the winter months because of the cold – and what he does now to keep Weighted Hands a part of his year-round routine

• A quick look at Terry’s modified workouts: how he incorporates Weighted Hands into his running now along with other exercises he does too

• Exactly how long you need to work out before you see results

• Clear and straightforward advice for anyone starting out

Terry says the increased calorie burn of the Weighted Hands workout has been the only thing remotely similar to the results he got running long distances – but without the strain on his feet or the drive to the gym.

And in this audio interview, you’ll hear how he’s started using Weighted Hands to do that, so he’s turning his regular walks into calorie-burning workouts.

You can click the link below to play or download the full interview.


Or click the level II link below for additional interviews like this.


The Bread And Butter Of Weighted Hands Walking . . .

I love to eat.

And there is nothing better than a warm piece of bread with butter.

And it’s the same with the Weighted Hands level one pump.

This pump is probably the easiest weighted hands exercise a beginner can do.

Getting results with Waited Hands simply comes down to mathematics.

The more you move your Weighted Hands, the more energy it takes.

And what you do with your Weighted Hands is your choice.

You can go long

You can go fast

Or you can go heavy

It’s simple.

The more energy you use, the more calories you burn.

But the best part about Weighted Hands combined exercise is that it feels easier compared to two limb training like running or biking.

Plus, you don’t need a gym membership or any special place to go.

All you need are your Weighted Hands and the ability to walk out your front door.

As you get stronger, you’ll naturally start lifting your Weighted Hands higher, faster and longer.

So don’t forget about the the level one pump.

This movement is the best friend any Weighed Hander can have.

It’s like bread and butter.

For a no cost video demonstrating this move,

go to


Lofty Goals Lead To Lofty Efforts . . .

Yesterday, I was out with my two boys.

We were in the car, going to a huge neighborhood garage sale.

And I get this text from one of my new Weighted Hands clients.

Last month he ordered a set of my 5 lbs weights.

He wants to get that ripped look and this is what I read . . .


WTF is going on?

You didn’t tell me Weighted Hands works your core as well!

I’m still whittling off the flab but I can feel a solid brick in my core now.

Totally unexpected – even my Missus is surprised.

So awesome!

I did my second Weighted Hands workout today on Maui

Walked four miles from Kihei to Wailea including lots of hill work.

It took 95 minutes.


Thank God For Your Two Hands . . .

Ignorant men don’t know what good they hold in their hands until they’ve flung it away.

We’ve designed aerobic hand weights that work!

But Weighted Hands should not be confused with dumbbells.

One look and feel of our ergonomic grip in your hands will clearly sets Weighted Hands apart from such conventional weights.

Our textured non-slip grip and form fitting back-straps will provide you with maximum comfort over an extended period.

They’ll fit snugly onto your hands.

They don’t have to be gripped as tight so there is no chafing, no straining, no cramps, and no constriction.

You’re going to thank us after just one workout for how functional these grips feel compared to your old 1970s foam coated Heavyhands handles. Kiss wrist, elbow, and joint pain goodbye when you switch to the Grip Without Slip.

For more details and photos of The Grip Without Slip go to


Eating healthy and using Weighted Hands for only 30 minutes per day three times per week, you can expect to . . .

* Burn more calories in less time.

* Tone and tighten your body while melting fat around your face, legs, thighs, arms and belly.

* Get an intense cardio and upper body workout that feels easy and is low impact on your joints

* Increased in energy, mood, and stamina.

Burn Calories Fast

Walk With Weighted Hands and get a better workout in half the time.  In fact, you will Burn Calories Fast!

If you are tired of boring workouts at the gym on the elliptical, treadmill or stair stepper, then you’re going to love walking with Weighted Hands.

Walking at the same pace with Weighted Hands burns far more calories than walking alone.

Weighted hands is the perfect way to make walking more challenging, more fun and more effective.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of walking along with the challenges of an upper body workout without the stress on your knees, ankles, and hips.

Eating healthy and walking with Weighted Hands for 30 minutes per day three times per week, you can expect to . . .

* Burn more calories in less time.

* Tone and tighten your body while melting fat around your face, legs, thighs, arms and belly.

* Get an intense cardio and upper body workout that feels easy and is low impact on your joints

* Increased in energy, mood and stamina.

What Exercise To Do After A Knee Injury . . .

Don’t let a knee injury keep you down.

Learn to modify your workout and stay athletic your entire life

Bob used to be an all-around athlete.

He did triathlons, was an avid skier, played tennis and golf.

Then he blew his knee out.

Fortunately, Bob has been working out with HeavyHands since the 1980s.

When he was younger, he says he used them to help him reach his peak athletic shape.

And now that he’s older with knee problems, he uses them to get a full-body workout while he’s walking – without pounding his knee or his back.

And in this audio, you’ll hear how HeavyHands can be a part of your workout throughout your life too – no matter what stage of the game you’re currently in.

You’ll Also Hear . . .

* A quick guide to how much the weights and handles weigh and how to run the calculations – so you always know how much you’re carrying

* The one workout Bob says has given him the most definition for his arms – it’s also good for cardio and a great way to lose weight too

* Why Bob says the new handles can help you get more of a workout in

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to be out of shape.

It just means you have to look for ways to modify your workout after injuries or arthritis.

And in this audio, you’ll hear how Bob uses HeavyHands to help him do that.

Press play on the audio interview below to hear the full story.


The Difference Between HeavyHands And Kettle Bells (And When To Use Each) . . .

Thor is a personal trainer who first discovered HeavyHands in the early 2000s.

He says there’s a huge difference between HeavyHands and kettle bells, but it basically comes down to knowing your fitness goals.

If your goal is to increase muscle mass while spending less time in the weight room, Thor says kettle bells are the way to go.

But if you’re a runner looking to increase speed, strength, and endurance, he recommends HeavyHands.

And in this audio, you’ll hear all about the difference between the two – and the workouts that’ll help you meet your goals the quickest.

You’ll Also Hear . . .

* A look at how Thor uses HeavyHands in his daily workout sessions to have more energy and feel better

* A quick guide to the weights and repetitions for a HeavyHands workout along with how to swing them right in order to get their maximum benefits.

* The truth about kettle bells and injuries (Thor says you really have to be careful), but he’s never known anyone to get injured with HeavyHands

* What Thor has noticed about the new rubber handles vs. the old foam ones

Thor says he wishes he’d have found HeavyHands 20 years sooner because they’re a great way to tone up while building endurance and strength at the same time. And in this audio, you’ll hear all about it.

Press play on the audio interview below to hear the full story.