Heavyhands Fitness Videos


Below is a collection of short demonstration videos of some of the most popular Heavyhands or Weighted Hands exercises. I have also included links to some old videos with the late Dr. Lenard Schwartz demonstrating the use of Heavyhands. Note these instructional video DVDs sold in in-home workout programs. It is my opinion that many of these moves in these videos are too difficult for the average person. I feel that users of Weighted Hands will benefit most by just getting outside and walking with your weighted hands.  It is important to understand that these video demonstrations are only 20 to 40 seconds in duration. However, these moves should be executed while walking continuously for extended periods of time not just in short 20 to 30 seconds runs. Chose the exercises that you like and go out and walk. Enjoy these videos.  We encourage you to submit your videos working with either Heavyhands or Weighted Hands. If we publish your videos, we’ll buy you one of our Halo, Patented Weighted Hands Sweatbands.

HeavyHands Will Fit Weighted Hands Handles

Heavyhands/Weighted Hands Level One Pump Front View

 Heavyhands/Weighted Hands Level One Pump Side View

Heavyhands/Weighted Hands Walking Level Two Pump Front View

Heavyhands/Weighted Hands Walking Level Two Pump Side View

Heavyhands/Weighted Hands Pumping Weights to Level Three -Front View

Heavyhands/Weighted Hands Pumping Weights to Level Three -Side View

Heavyhands/Weighted Hands Walking To Overhead Press Front View

Heavyhands/Weighted Hands Walking To Overhead Press Side View


Heavyhands/Weighted Hands Power Walking – Level Two Pump While Bending The Knees With Each Step

Heavyhands/Weighted Hands Walking – The Fly –

Heavyhands/Weighted Hands Walking – The Chicken – 

Heavyhands/Weighted Hands Walking Overhead Tricep Extension Exercise

Heavyhands/Weighted Hands Alternating UpperCut 

Heavyhands/Weighted Hands Combining Multiple Exercise While Walking 

Heavyhands/Weighted Hands The Punch Out

Heavyhands/Weighted Hands Speed Punch High Intensity Intervle Training Exercise

 Heavyhands/Weighted Hands The Duck Walk Exercise 

Heavyhands/Weighted Hands The Champ Shadow Boxing Exercise 

Below are some Vintage videos of Heavyhands. 

Heavyhands/Weighted Hands Panaerobics 

Heavyhands/Weighted Hands WalkPlus

Heavyhands/Weighted Hands Yoga Hands

Heavyhands/Weighted Hands Panarobics

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