The Only Exercise Equipment Anyone Needs


As I have told you before, weighted hands walking is the most efficient, safe and enjoyable activity ever conceived.

It beats running, weightlifting, cycling, cross country skiing, basketball, martial arts, etc,etc.

Your handles and weights are the most valuable piece of exercise equipment anyone can own.

In fact , they are the only exercise equipment anyone needs.

Dr. Neil Katz


Dropped 5% Body Fat in 29 Workouts With Weighted Hands . . .

Weighted Hands IS The ultimate exercise for dropping body fat fast . . .

Here’s a fast update from Weighted Hands user Jay Jha.


I was 174.2 at 23.4 % Body Fat the day before I received your Weighted Hands on February 26th 2015

04-20-2015 was my 29th workout.

04-18=2015, Saturday morning, I woke up at 166.8 lbs and at 18.4 %

I am now fitting into clothes I bought back in 2012 that I couldn’t fit into to.

It’s working.

Jay Jha

Much Better Than The Originals Heavyhands Handles

Tuesday, April 28

Hey Michael,

I received weights yesterday.

They are fantastic.

I can really see the benefits of having increased weight loads to increase strength endurance.

Very high quality and feel great in hand.

Much better than the originals Heavyhands handles

I wish I would have found out about panaerobic style workouts years ago, would have saved me a lot of injuries.

I did not realize how much more difficult the 11 lb would be compared to the 6 lb ones I have been using.

I will have to go into them gradually.

I was really impressed with your product and customer service.

Thanks again for the stellar customer service, fast shipping (wow!), and I will definitely be ordering from you again in the near future.

Jack Pepper

“I Was In The Best Shape Of My Life”

I have achieved results that have exceeded well above all of my other efforts combined in exercise, fitness, and wanting to look your best.

The body feature that received the most complimentary remarks, from nearly all women no less, was my flat “as a washboard” tummy, which I had at age 50.

For many years, regularly, I have used this utensil in exercising, in which I have increased my cardiac benefit of at least 300% over regular walking.

Joe Spickard


While Not Cheap It Is Money Well Spent

Hello Michael,

Received the Heavyhands weights yesterday!!! Brilliant

I went out this morning for my workout and was immediately taxed by the extra weight!!!

Wow what a wimp!!!

However, once I warmed up I initiated my regular routine and was able to cut the reps by more then half with a real serious burn.

Definitely took the workout to another level! Thanks for reminding me to calm down and not get hurt.


They Work Great!

Hi Michael,

I tried out the new custom flex straps, and they work great!

Actually, I would like to get another pair the same size as these for my five pounders.

I have been doing Heavyhands for several months now.

Initially tried it with regular dumbbells, but it didn’t work very well.

I never thought much of Heavyhands until I started reading up on it and was able to buy a book on it and a pair of the Heavyhands dumbbells.

The handles are key to making it work with heavier weights, such as the ones that you sell.



I Can Go Heavier And More Reps

Hi Michael,

I’ve been working with Heavyhands weights with the new “ergo” handles for a bit more than a week.

I’ve noticed that I can go heavier and more reps when using these handles as opposed to the when using the standard handles.

I’ve become a little less me, in this process.

Back in the ’80 s, I used the Heavyhands weights while running, but slowly became guilty of “carry hands”, before I gave up running.

Now that time has moved on, I no longer have the need to run, but find that 30-45 minutes per session, 3-4 times a week, definitely makes a difference.

Thank you for making the Heavyhands products once again accessible for public consumption.

Best – Harold

Worth Their Weight In Gold.


The snug back straps are perfect.

I like a tight fit. I have 4 or 5 sets of the AMF and Lyons handles and have wrapped them with tape and resorted to using a sticky golf glove to get the desired tightness, but who wants to use a glove in warm weather.

I just ordered the 2 1/2  pound weights.

I have done Heavyhands walking since Dr. Schwartz wrote his book.

Your handles take it to a more productive and enjoyable level.

Dr. Schwartz would have loved them.

They are worth their weight in gold.

Dr. Neil Katz

I’ve Lost 10 lbs Very Quick Already


Fads come and go but a total body work out is an efficient use of exercise time and no matter your fitness level.

I’ve found that weighted Hands can get you back on track a lot faster than a lot of conventional exercises.

I received my Weighted Hands, and I like them.

You’ve managed to eliminate the design flaws in the old school Heavyhands.

I would recommend them to anybody because the principal Dr. Leonard Schwartz came up with is a sound one, and you’ve improved upon it.

I have been using these for a decade.

I have lost 10 lbs very quick already.

I now have your product offshore as well as home.

Ideal for sessions on the heliport deck or at home.

I’m a firm believer in the weighted Hands!

I’m so glad you make them because the originals are almost extinct LOL !

Thanks Mike


lost 14 lbs.


I am using my old Heavyhands weights I bought in the 1980 s and they have seen better days.

I stopped doing Heavyhands then after a short time because I felt self conscious when people would give me funny looks.

I am much older now and don’t care what people think.

I was in Spain for all of October and took my 3 lb Heavyhands weights and lost 14 pounds.

Now, I am back in United Kingdom and has worked my way up to 5 pounds Heavyhands and feel fitter than I have for five years, even though I had been going to the gym every week.

I am so pleased that you bought Heavyhands back to life as it has been quiet for far too long.

Also, your blog www.WeightedHands.com has all the information any new comer will need to get started.

Chris Paton

United Kingdom

My Resting Pulse Rate Is 61, Down From 72 BPM.


I am a retired RN with ICU/CCU experience, a smoking history (but no more), no drugs, no alcohol.

I am highly allergic or sensitive to every antihypertensive medication they have prescribed to lower my blood pressure.

I started out at 145/104, which no doctor wanted to prescribe more than a brisk daily walk as tolerated.

I have no history of heart attack, circulatory problems, or stroke or similar events. Ironically, this was a support for a downward spiral into sedentary living.

I received my Weighted Hands on the 27th of August.

On the 29th, after a day of wearing them, taking them on and off, trying out their feel, and so forth, I put myself to the test.

I found that I was in such pitiful shape that I became winded after about 20 minutes, with only the end caps on (for a total of 1.5 lbs per hand!

I knew I was in for a bit of an initial struggle, and that I needed to take it slowly, so for the next 3 days, I confined myself to 15 minutes of Walk’n’Pump Level I, but multiple sessions (3/day).

This gradually improved with each meeting, so that by the 3rd day I could tolerate an uninterrupted hour-long session.

I repeated this for the next two days, to build up my stamina, altering Levels to II.

I found that I could tolerate about 45 minutes at Level II fairly well.

I was reaching my target HR for longer periods.

All this time (from day one), I was also going for unweighted walks up to a mile, again to loosen up my legs and spine from all that sedentary living.

I decided to increase the weight to the AMF 2 pound weights (giving me 2.5 lbs in each hand).

Again, this challenged my stamina, but I was making gains and making them faster than I thought.

I have remained at this weight level since and am working up to surpassing a mile and a half sustained.

My weight is dropping off, my core is toning up, my range of motion is becoming more fluid, my respiration are deeper, I’m feeling good and my stamina is way beyond my starting point.

I look forward to my morning challenge, and find that it fuels more energy throughout my day.

I greatly prefer your handles to what I remember of the original ones; the back straps are snug but comforting, not restrictive and stiff.

It was a stroke of genius for you to design them ergonomically, and I am grateful.

I will be ordering 3 pound weights, and sweatbands soon, as soon as I get my next pension check!

Now, thanks to my ND (Naturopathic Physician) and to Weighted Hands, my pressure is averaging about 126/86, and my resting pulse is 61 beats per minute, down from 72 bpm.

Thanks again for bringing Heavy Hands back!

I couldn’t be happier!

Don Love


Strength With Lungs The Size Of Beach Balls!

Hi Michael,

Just dropping you a quick note.

I’m 40, and I train in martial arts 2x per week, and you can guess, I’m the oldest.

I have been hanging with all the 20 year old kids relatively easy

(I was former Marine – so still in decent shape).

I want to share some of the results I’ve been getting with Heavyhands.

Heavyhands are changing my jiu-jitsu game.

First off, I’m getting multiple results from my 3-4 days per week of Heavy Hands.

First and foremost my strength and conditioning are now so far beyond others I train with, and it’s amazing.

My arms and grip feel like they have endless energy and strength with lungs the size of beach balls!

I know this will sound sort of strange to some readers, but until you get into it and it hits you it probably won’t make a lick of sense!

I have two measurements that I have to use to judge the effectiveness of the Heavyhands exercises.

They are BJJ/grappling and the riding a Schwinn Airdyne stationary bike.

I know the Airdyne one will have your readers scratching their heads but I will explain shortly after I discuss the most important for me, my grappling conditioning.

As anyone who has done BJJ or any type of hard grappling will tell you arm and forearm/grip fatigue is a killer when grappling.

Once your shoulders, arms, and especially your forearms get fatigued, you can’t hand fight or hold anything.

Most people who have heard of BJJ know it’s not about strength, but technique and leverage, which is true.

But let me assure you, one must be strong and conditioned to go all out on a roll after roll after roll training.

If you can’t hand fight or get grips, you’re swimming with the sharks and bleeding like a stuck pig.

At my age of 40, I have to have something in my back pocket to keep me on the mat with all the 20 year old guys I train with, and that’s Heavyhands.

Over the past 2 weeks I have seen unreal improvements in my grip strength and endurance.

This past Tuesday I put in 3 hard 15-20 minute rolls, I am talking about 90-100% rolls, and my arms never failed me.

It seemed that the longer I went, the stronger I got.

Maybe it was my grip and pressure was weakening my training partners much quicker than before.

I was locking up crushing Kimura locks quickly along with being able to forcefully dig my way into thick collar holds for chokes.

I felt like the shark for once and felt like I was taking them out into the deep water where there was no escaping my strength and conditioning.

My wind?

Never caught a hard breath and breathed through my nose most of the rolls.

Heavyhands has been so dramatic that the wife has even started Heavy handing it and now I have to share my heavy hands with the her since she’s seen the physical appearance improvements.

Here’s the deal on the Airdyne.

The mornings she is Heavyhanding it, I am riding the Airdyne.

Here’s something interesting I’ve found.

I used to able to ride at between 48-53 rpm to get into my heart rate zone and the riding wasn’t physically hard at all.

Now, for me to get into in my HR zone i am having to pedal at 58-63 rpm to just stay in the zone.

For me, riding at this pace for 30-45 minutes becomes agonizing.

My legs and arms burn like crazy and I look down at my HR monitor, and I am humming along at 133-135 bpm.

If things keep going like this I’ll be riding at my old sprint speeds just to get into my aerobic zone.

Here is all I am going to say about my appearance.

I am much more vascular than I have ever been, and let me tell you my arms are extremely vascular now.

I now have muscles I never knew existed.

I am noticing a thickening around the inside of my elbow joints that I have never had before.

My BF is now at 12%, and I have veins in my lower abs.

Here is the best thing of all, I am not “dieting” anymore.

The Heavy Hands are affecting my appetite just like you get from hard swimming.

I always became ravenous after swimming, and no other activity produced that effect with me other than Heavy Hands.

It’s like I can’t get enough food now.

I used to get fat on 2100 calories per day and now I’d guess I am eating closer to 3000 give or take a few.

I can eat what I want now and eat until I am fully satisfied to nearly stuffed 3-4 times per day with no issues.

I’ll never have to diet again with Heavy Hands.

No more destroyed metabolism here!

PS. Us older guys can still be good, we just have to be patient and let our exercise programs do the work for us since we can’t roll hard 3-5x per week like the young guys.

Thanks again for the great information on a great system.

Jeffery Roark



 A Real Improvement On The Original, More Basis Design

Hello Michael,

Just a quick note to let you know that the weights have arrived.

They are magnificent and a great improvement on the original design – but you know that already.

The weights are great and after 30 minutes pounding the streets with shoulder high lifts I was soaked with sweat.

The grip is excellent and a real improvement on the original, more basis design.

Heavyhands was always an excellent idea and sound exercise system.

It never really caught on in the UK, which is a shame.

I’m delighted I’ve got some real quality equipment to go back at it!

Best wishes, Matthew



I just wanted to tell you I truly love the comfort of these new handles as they really do appear to be easier to grasp and hold onto. I am so glad we found you.  Leonard Schwartz has invented an awesome product and you figured out a way to make a fantastic product even more amazing!!

Thank you again so very much!

Dawn Tola


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