Has The Debate Finally Been Solved?

Who Started The Walking-With-Weights Craze, Dr. Leonard Schwartz or Steve Reeves?

“Steve will go down in history as the most handsome and one of the greatest bodybuilders ever,” says fitness guru and longtime friend Jack LaLanne, 85.

Steve Reeves was a fitness fanatic and a bodybuilder, most famous for playing Hercules in the 1950s.

But in the 1980’s, as he was getting older, he had issues running so he began looking for aerobic exercises that wouldn’t hurt his knees.

He ended up writing a book called Power Walking that would help to popularize the craze of walking with weights to get a full-body workout.

This was also around the time that Dr. Leonard Schwartz published his HeavyHands book, designed to do the same thing.

Both men have since passed away, but the debate lives on about who started what, when, and first.

And in this audio, you’ll hear Steve Reeves’s side of the story, straight from Bob, a fellow bodybuilder and longtime friend of Steve’s.

You’ll Also Hear . . .

* All about Steve’s “trickle-down” smart training: Use your body’s natural blood flow when setting up your exercise routine – and you’ll make it easier on your heart and more effective for your body, here’s how

* The little-known story of how Steve Reeves changed Sylvester Stallone’s life

* The one most-important thing Bob says you need to look for when choosing a fitness role model and an exercise routine – and where to take it from there

* Why Steve believed your neck, arms, and calves should all measure the same – and a quick look at how Bob uses weights in his exercises to achieve that

* What’s more important – nutrition or exercise along with a quick look at how Bob stays fit without ever getting hungry

At age 60, Bob is still a bodybuilder in great shape.

He says, if you want to be successful in any industry, you should find someone who has already achieved the success you want, and do what they did.

That strategy worked for him. While researching how Steve Reeves worked out, Bob ultimately became friends with him.

They shared fitness tips, strategies, and stories. And in this audio, you’ll hear what all of those were.

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Who Started The Walking-With-Weights Craze, Dr. Leonard Schwartz or Steve Reeves?
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