Want to know how to snag a free $20 headband (pictured above)?

Here’s how:

All you have to do is submit your original video footage of yourself pumping a set of Weighted Hands or the first Heavyhands. If we publish your video on our Weighted Hands website (this site), we will send you a free Halo headband. This band is the ultimate headband in keeping sweat out of your eyes during your Weighted Hands workouts.

Get your videos to me ASAP.

The Halo Headband is our best-selling headband.

Featuring a classic elastic pullover design, it will fit any head comfortably to keep sweat and moisture from your eyes and face.

It features our patented SweatBlock Technology and Dryline® Fabric. These athletic sweatbands will keep up with your high-performance training.

This Halo sweatband is perfect for walking with Weighted Hands, running, cycling, or virtually any other activity that will work up a sweat.

They fit comfortably under your hat or visor, too.

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