Sent: Sunday, March 31, 2019 8:19 PM
To: Michael Senoff

Subject: Demonstrating some of Dr. Schwartz’s classic moves

Hello Michael . . .

As a new customer, I am enjoying your daily emails.

I corresponded in the 1980s with Dr, Schwartz and exchanged several letters with him about Heavyhands.

I have always believed that his book (books) are the very best works on the fundamentals of exercise and learning your body.

Missing elements, to me, however, are understanding some of his less intuitive movements while walking.

I’ve seen your helpful demonstration videos, but they cover moves that I already know and use.

How about demonstrating some of the other less obvious movements in his book to expand my exercise medley.

I recommitted to Heavyhands last DEC 10th and am proud to have dropped 78 pounds since… it takes three workouts daily, and I consistently exercise more calories than I consume.

The weight loss just follows naturally. Your ergometric grips have made the movements more efficient.

Thanks for your continuing effort . . .