Every contestant on “The Biggest Loser” eventually has to go home. And unfortunately, real life doesn’t have cameras following every weigh-in, trainers with 600-calorie-burning workouts, or a kitchen full of leafy greens. They have to maintain the weight loss themselves, and Rob Kidney (a contestant on the 2016 show) quickly realized stabilizing and adjusting to life outside the show’s campus was going to be half the battle. But it’s a battle he’s winning. And in this audio, you’ll hear how he’s doing it using Heavy Hands.

Rob first discovered Heavy hands back in 1982. He says he loves the versatility of the weights and how easy they are to grip and work out with. But the best part for him is that they allow you to work out your whole body at once, so you burn a lot more calories than regular exercise alone, and in less time.

That’s why when experts told Rob he would have to work out nine hours a week in order to maintain his weight loss, he immediately thought of Heavy hands as a way to reduce that. And in this audio, you’ll hear his amazing story of being on The Biggest Loser, how he’s taken what he’s learned home with him, and how he maintains his weight with the help of Heavy Hands.

You’ll Also Hear…

· Secret techniques Rob uses with Heavy Hands to burn more calories fast: he does two different workouts with the weights – here’s what you need to know to keep up

· A quick-start guide to maintaining weight loss realistically, and tips from Rob for finding a routine that will work for you

· The real difference between Heavy Hands and dumbbells: They only had regular weights on the Biggest Loser campus and Rob says he couldn’t wait to get his Hands on his Heavy Hands again

· A “behind-the-scenes” look at the show: Believe it or not, no one cooks for you and you have to fight for space in the kitchen – and other stories about what life was like on the Biggest Loser campus

· All about Rob’s scary diagnosis with cancer, what foods he says are the body’s enemy, and the one best way to eat to keep cancer away

· A shocking confession: Rob says a lot of people working for the show didn’t want him on it for medical reasons – here’s how he landed a spot and what his health is like today

· Simple tips for making the most of your next treadmill routine: turn it into an intense workout whenever you want just by adding Heavy Hands

· Rob’s clear and straight-forward advice for anyone just starting out on Heavy Hands

Rob says the trick to maintaining weight loss is in finding a fitness and diet routine that will work for you for the long run. In other words, you’ve got to have realistic expectations and a workout you love so you’ll stick with it. And Rob says Heavy Hands does it for him because it allows him to safely turn the notch up on any workout so he saves time in the gym. And in this audio, you’ll hear exactly how he’s maintaining his weight with them, and how you can do it too.

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