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The Difference Between The Original Heavyhands Back Strap VS The Weighted Hands Flex Fit Back Straps

You’re going to love our new flex fit back strap. They’re better than the previous Heavyhands back strap because they are flexible and designed to form-fit around the back of your hands. Previous Heavyhands models had no flex, which produced the extra force on both the up and down swing.

For example of you are walking and pumping 10 lbs with each hand, for example, the down strokes can produce force up to three times the weight. This pressure creates a lot of force distributed to the back of your hands. This energy accumulates and becomes uncomfortable, especially when working with weight 3 lbs. Or more per hand.

Worth Their Weight In Gold.


The snug back straps are perfect. I like a tight fit. I have 4 or 5 sets of the AMF and Lyons handles and have wrapped them with tape and resorted to using a sticky under armor glove to get the desired tightness, but who wants to use a glove in warm weather. I just ordered the 2 1/2 pound weights. Like I told you, I have done Heavyhand walking since Dr. Schwartz wrote his book. Your handles take it to a more productive and enjoyable level. Dr. Schwartz would have loved them. They are worth their weight in gold.

Hi Michael,

I just received the ergonomic handles and straps today.

You are a genius! I have my nine pounders on them right now, and they are so much more comfortable than the crummy AMF foam grips.

You are providing a valuable service to all Heavy Handers everywhere!

Thanks again,
Steve Roberts
Seattle, WA

Dr. Neil Katx

Much Better Than Originals Allowing You To Relax Your Grip

Michael, I just wanted to let you know that I have tried out the ergo grips that you sent me, with both the 3 & 5 lb weights.

I have also added the heavy hands back straps, which makes these much better than the originals, allowing you to relax your grip if needed, and no pressure points. Somewhat like the picture that you sent me of your prototypes.

Thanks again!

Email senoff.michael@gmail.com for the back-strap hand size chart to figure out your best and most comfortable grip size.

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