Heavy Hands Ergonomic Grip Handle Pair


  • All AMF Heavyhands add-on weights will twist our ergonomic grips.
  • Each Hand Walking Weight Grip Weighs 1.5 LBS
  • Callus Free Ergonomic Design Allows You To Exercise Longer
  • Nonporous Rubber Won’t Absorb Bacteria & Is Easy To Clean
  • Custom Fitted Back Strap To Reduce Grip & Hand Strain
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Heavy Hands®

You are buying a pair (2) Heavy Hands Fitness Walking Weight Grips WITH BACK STRAPS Each handle is 1 1/2 LBS without any weights. You also get four 1 LB twist-on weights giving you a total of 3 1/2 LBS in each hand. All AMF barbell Heavyhands weights will twist on to our Heavy Hands® Ergonomic Grips — Want a proven workout to get fit while melting fat around your face, midsection, hips, and arms, consider Heavy Hands® training. For more add-on weights, please search our other listings on Amazon. Heavy Hands® grips are ideal for fitness walking, running and power walking. Using exercise weights with a barbell or dumbbell is great training for all kinds of sports and can help you build a powerful grip, burn fat faster and gain endurance. Back Straps are sold in four sizes. Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. To figure out what the best size is for you, order the size you would get when ordering any gloves. Contact us if you have any questions about sizing.

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