Task Your Core, Supercharge Your Strength and Swell Your Endurance All With One Universal Tool


Our HeavyHands Grips are Quality Tested for Durability, Comfort & Performance…


Our gear is different & designed to make aerobic walking and exercise feel easy.

AMAZING RESULTS in less time and all you have to do is walk with Weighted Hands


You want results YOU can SEE and measure with a tape! There’s no need to undress, no need for strenuous exercise, no need for expensive gym memberships. Build the body you’ve always wanted in minutes per day in the PRIVACY OF YOUR OWN HOME. Task your core, supercharge your strength, swell your endurance all with one universal tool. Weighted Hands® are utterly durable and can tolerate just about anything you can dish out. Use Weighted Hands® for walking. Use them for standard lifts while walking or standing. Use them for lunges and squats. Weighted Hands® allow you to invent and develop your own movements too.


  It’s all In YOUR Hands. The research and workloads have been calculated by state-of-the-art human performance labs. For example, if you weigh 175 lbs. and you walk 30 minutes pumping 11 lbs. Weighted Hands to shoulder height at a rate of 100 pumps per minute, you’re going to incinerate 600+ kilocalories. And your grip strength, your upper body, your arms, and your chest are going to get conditioned like never before. You’ll feel and look better too. And as you witness the new you, your confidence will rise and your family and friends will know something about you is different.


  Walk with Weighted Hands and enjoy a workout that not only feels EASIER than running or biking but get’s you better results in up to half the time: We say . . “save your knees and Run With Your Hands”. If you’re tired of boring workouts at the gym on the elliptical, treadmill or stair stepper, then you’re going to love walking with Weighted Hands® Walking at the same pace with Weighted Hands® will burn far more calories than walking alone and you’re not stuck inside. You CAN be outside in the sunshine getting the perfect cardio and muscle toning workout in up to half the time compared to walking alone. Weighted hands is the perfect way to make walking more challenging, more fun and more effective. You’ll enjoy the benefits of walking along with the challenges of an upper body workout without the stress on your knees, ankles, and hips. Eating healthy and walking with Weighted Hands for 30 minutes per day four times per week, you can expect to . . . * Burn more calories in less time. * Tone and tighten your body while melting fat around your face, legs, thighs, arms, and belly. * Get intense cardio and upper body workout that feels easy and is low impact on your joints * Increased in energy, mood, and stamina. Call/Text now 858-692-9461


 We have you covered. Not only is Weighted Hands© gear comfortable, it just looks cool. And all of our weights and grips fit the old foam AMF Heavyhands handles and weights. We designed it that way. Weighted Hands® should not be confused with dumbbells. One look at our patent-pending ergonomic design clearly sets Weighted Hands® apart from such conventional weights. Our textured non-slip grip and form-fitting back-strap provide you with maximum comfort over an extended period. They’ll fit snugly over your hands. No death grip needed. No chafing, no straining, no cramps, and no constriction. You’re going to thank us after just one workout for how functional Weighted Hands® grips feel. There is no comparison to the old 1980s foam coated Heavyhands handles. Kiss calluses on your hands goodbye. Wave bye-bye to wrist, elbow and joint pain. All this relief is yours when you switch to the Grip Without Slip. Call to order your set today 1-858-692-9461 Due to demand, there may be a 6 to 8 week delivery time depending on what’s in stock.

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Proud To Have Dropped 78 Pounds With Heavy Hands.

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