Complete WeightED Hands System


One Set (2) of Premium Ergonomic-Grips (You get a left and a right-hand grip )
One Set of four Twist On Weighted Hands Weights
One Set (2) of Flex-fit Back Straps Fitted To Your Hand.

You’re looking at a variety of Weighted Hands complete sets with the ergonomic grip kits plus flex-fit back straps.

Back Straps are removable.

Twist weight clockwise onto the threaded post.  Start with a weight that feels right for you. As you become stronger order additional weights.

No more Calluses! Weighted Hands Handles are ergonomically designed to fit the human hand.

The comfort factor with our grips compared to the conventional foam bar handles are off the hook!

    The Grip Without The Slip

We’ve designed an extended palm pad for overhead press and fly exercise.

Having an edge to push against during your workouts takes pressure off the bones of your fingers and allows you to do more overhead work compared to pushing on a foam bar.

It’s desirable to have a variety of weighted ends available to keep your workouts fresh.

Custom Size Weights Made To Order, Email: or Call or Text 858-692-9461 For Special Order, Lead Time and Weights

Rapid FAT loss system

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