Heavyhands vs. Dumbbells, Wrist-Weights, and Weighted Gloves

Aerobic exercises by their very nature are prolonged in duration, frequently extending over periods more than an hour. Thus, the limiting factor of gripping power is very real and significant in regards to maximizing one’s aerobic efforts. Wrist weights have been proposed. However, the effective lever arm is lengthened by placing the weights in or on the hands.

Moreover, the comfort factor is a genuine consideration, for wrist weights are frequently uncomfortable and tend to chafe the skin.

Weighted gloves are a highly adequate means of adding the desired weight for aerobic exercise, but are limited by inherent practicalities of glove size and comfort.

For a hand weight or dumbbells to be practical for use in aerobic exercises, it must meet the following criterion:

1) Capable of supporting the exercise of long duration.

2) Prevent undue spasm of the arm and hand musculature by a soft, yet firm hand engaging means extending over the back of the hand

3) Capable of releasing the hand muscles from the necessity and burden of gripping a dumbbell shaft continuously, so as to promote optimal circulation of blood, reduce the likelihood of untoward elevation of blood pressure, and promote prolonged exercise

4) Be able to support the continuation of very rapid arm movements of extreme amplitude, including a succession of abrupt starts and stops which would be traumatic to skin, muscles, ligaments and joint structure of the hand if not protected

5) Permits the exerciser to determine his pulse count without removing the weight from the hand

6) Suitable for all ambulatory exercises involving both arms and legs, such as walking and running

7) Ensure the safe use of the dumbbell during exercise in which the hands attain an inordinately high velocity. During such use, the force involved tends to cause the weight to be disengaged from the gripping hand, thus increasing the exerciser’s concern and effort, and diminishing their freedom of motion

Weighted Hands handles are highly satisfactory for use in aerobic exercises and fulfill all of the preceding requirements.

Its form is such that the hand can be relaxed periodically and the constant isometric contraction of the hand and forearm muscles, which is a severe limit in prolonged exercise with dumbbells, is reduced markedly.

This relaxation serves to increase the blood flow to the gripping fingers and to substantially reduce the likelihood of a muscle spasm which frequently aborts such exercises prematurely when using conventional dumbbells and weights.

The handle portion of the Weighted Hand handle is contoured to conform generally to the shape of a user’s hand and fingers when in the gripping position. This provides a self-adjustment not available in any dumbbell, and the hand can remain partially relaxed during aerobic exercises.

In this position, the hand weight will be held in hand with the fingers relaxed so that its use is not dependent in any way upon the continuous strength of the user’s grip.

A textured surface aids in the gripping action of the hand weight in the hand of the user. And the grip does not get slippery after sweating. If your hands start to sweat while holding dumbbells, you will have to work harder to avoid slippage.

To place your order for custom-made weights to fit your AMF Heavyhands handles, contact Michael via text or cell at 858-692-9461

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