Rust Proof Your Steel Weights


Protect Your Weighted Hands Investment By Rust Proofing Your Weights.

You can do it yourself or we can do it for you . . . Your Weighted Hands weights are made from 1018 high carbon rolled steel.   They are designed to last you not just years but for generations. Although the steel is incredibly strong they will rust if left outside in the rain or if they become wet.  Please make sure you protect your investment by leaving your Weighted Hands inside your home after each use.   If they do get wet from perspiration, rain or snow, dry them immediately after use.  We highly recommend you apply two coats of a Rustoleum brand paint to your weights.  You’ll want to paint the complete outside and inside treads of your Weighted Hands weights.  After you paint them, let them dry for at least 24 hours before twisting them onto your grips. Taking this simple precaution will protect your investment from rusting and keep the weights from locking onto your handles.  We can do this for you before we ship your order so you don’t have to.   We’ll apply two coats of a Hammered Black rustproof paint to your weights. Order rustproof service today and it’s done and you can start using your gear the day they arrive. It’s time or money. The choice is yours.

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