by Michael Senoff | Interview with Mike

With a family history of heart disease, Mike Fleblanch began looking for a better cardiovascular exercise in 1982. That’s’ when he discovered Dr. Schwartz’s Heavy Hands®, and has never looked back. He began running with the specially designed weights, and says the fitness routine works so well because it uses all four limbs instead of just two, if you do it right.

His pulse rate and blood pressure dropped, and so did his weight. At 67, he’s still able to stay fit while keeping weight off. And in this audio, you’ll hear his story along with a look at his workout.

You’ll Also Hear…

* The only two improvements the new Weighted Hands have over the older version (Dr. Schwartz used the best 80s technology available, but the newer grips and handles are extra comfortable and tailor made – but don’t worry, they still fit the older weights)

* The one best way a new HeavyHander should start out, and the one absolutely wrong way to do it that you’ll want to avoid

* A surprising fact: the slower you go (when walking and pumping to a level three) the harder it is — here’s why going slower could be a better workout

* The one move you can add to a regular Heavy Hands® walking workout that accelerates pulse and energy output – while challenging those hard-to-reach quad muscles too

Mike says the trick is to make sure you’re pumping the weights, and not just carrying them. That way, you’re getting a full cardiovascular workout that uses all four limbs.

And in this audio, you’ll hear the benefits of doing that, some tips for making sure you do it correctly, and why Heavy Hands® has been a big part of Mike’s fitness routine – for more than 20 years.

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