by Michael Senoff | Interview with Frank

Frank has been working out using Heavy Hands® since the 1980s when he saw Dr. Schwartz on a local newscast demonstrating his weights. The newscast included a phone number for the doctor, so Frank decided to give him a call.

He’s never looked back, and it’s paid off. On a recent visit to his doctor’s office, doctors were alarmed by how low his heart rate was – 42 beats a minute, unusually good for a man his age. After running extensive tests, they determined his low heart rate was from years of the type of aerobic exercises he was doing.

And in this quick audio, you’ll hear Frank’s amazing story, exactly what happened when he called Dr. Schwartz, and the kinds of exercises Frank used to get his low heart rate and stay fit using Heavy Hands®.

You’ll Also Hear…

* A look at Frank’s exercise routine – and how he changes up his Heavy Hands® workout for the worst of weather

* A weird (but effective) way Frank uses a trampoline along with his Heavy Hands® to modify a running workout after arthritis and a partial knee replacement

* The real problem with exercises like walking on a treadmill or doing a stationary bike – and how adding Heavy Hands® could remedy this

Frank says the most important thing to remember when you’re working out is to listen to your body, pace yourself, and have fun.

He’s been doing that for more than 30 years with Heavy Hands®, and in this audio, you’ll hear how it’s paid off for him.

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