by Michael Senoff | Interview with Robert

Robert isn’t a professional athlete. He’s a 55-year-old computer programmer from Little Rock who works out to keep weight off. But the last time he went to his doctor, they measured his resting heart rate at 30 beats per minute.

Shocked and worried, they sent him straight away to a cardiologist because they were sure he needed a pacemaker.

Heart rates like that only happen for two reasons: because the person is a well-trained, dedicated athlete like Olympic champions Usain Bolt (33 bpm) and Mo Farah (33 bpm), or because they’re experiencing a heart problem.

As it turned out, Robert was just in amazing athletic shape. And when you hear his story, you’ll understand why. His routines include things like walking an hour and 45 minutes pumping 15-lb Heavy Hands weights.

And in this audio, you’ll hear how this average Joe got himself into world-class cardiovascular shape and how he used Heavy Hands to help him get there.

You’ll Also Hear…

* An insider’s look at how to easily incorporate Heavy Hands into almost any workout – the rowing machine, the stationary bike, walking – to instantly up a fitness level

* The secret to reaching 15-lb weights – don’t try to do it until you hear how to do it safely

* Can Heavy Hands help you pick up chicks? Robert says he’s always surprised by the attention he gets from women when he’s out with his weights – here’s what he’s noticed

* The one easy-to-incorporate food Robert calls “the miracle food” and why he won’t live without it

* A shocking confession: Robert eats fast food and drinks soda, and still stays in shape – here’s how he does it, including a look at his typical meals every day

* The unusual (and almost unheard-of) way Robert uses a rowing machine and hand weights to get rid of back problems

* The two biggest tips Robert has for anyone just starting out with Heavy Hands

* Key strategies for changing up a Heavy Hands walking routine when you want “the huff and puff”

Robert first found Heavy Hands when he was searching for an aerobic exercise he could do after his knee surgery, and he’s never looked back. He says it’s helped him develop his upper body while giving him strength and endurance.

And in this audio, you’ll hear how he’s doing it. And how you can do it too to take your fitness routine to any level you’re ready for.

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