by Michael Senoff | Interview with Shane

Four years ago, Shane was in a car accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down. He spent about six weeks in physical therapy at a specialized gym where they strapped and taped weights to his hands and helped him in and out of the various equipment. Then they sent him home.

Shane says so many paraplegics give up at this point. They can’t really go to a regular gym and there’s not a lot of exercises they can do at home to keep their shoulders and muscles in shape. So they start allowing others to do more and more things for them, end up losing what muscle ability they did have because they don’t work out, and it spirals down from there. They become completely dependent.

But fortunately for Shane, his mother brought out her old set of Heavy Hands from the closet. These weights have been around since the 1970s, and because of their unique design, Shane is able to shove his hand through the grip and work out, despite not having mobility in his fingers.

No taping or strapping involved. It’s amazing the wide range of exercises he can do with them. They keep his shoulders and forearms strong, making everyday activities like using his wheelchair and transferring from it much easier. He says it’s the best he’s felt since before his accident. And in this audio, you’ll hear all about his amazing story and how he uses Heayhands to make it happen.

You’ll Also Hear…

· The real difference between Heavy Hands and regular weights – and why Shane says if paraplegics tried to use regular weights, they’d get hurt

· The scary “use-or-lose” reason it’s so important for paraplegics to keep muscles and mobility going as much as possible

· The number one injury paraplegics sustain all the time just from using their wheelchairs and transferring themselves – but how Shane says Heavy Hands prevents that from happening

· The amazing goals Shane has for his life and why he’s sure Heavy Hands will help him get there

· A quick look at spinal cord injuries – how they happen, what the different numbering means, and why no two paraplegics are alike

· An insider’s peek at what Heavy Hands looks like today (still manufactured and updated, now as Weighted Hands) and the many upgrades that have been made

Shane doesn’t know of any other workout equipment that’s this easy for paraplegics to put on and off. He can even move his wheelchair around with them on.

And, he can change the weights out himself for a heavier more challenging workout. He’s so excited he’s found a way to lift weights independently at home that he can’t wait to share it with others in the paraplegic community. And in this audio, you’ll hear all about it.

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