by Michael Senoff | Interview with King

King is a 60-year-old grandfather who’s been into fitness pretty much his whole life. He bought Heavy Hands about 12 years ago when he read about them in a book, but never really did much with them until he injured his shoulder and could no longer work out with his regular routine.

He started walking with two-lb Heavy Hand weights and was surprised by the workout he got. He gradually began increasing the weights and distance, and says not only did he maintain his strength during his recovery, but he also began seeing definition in his shoulders he never saw before. He hasn’t looked back. And in this audio, you’ll hear his story about how he uses Heavy Hands to safely recover from an injury while maintaining his strength and muscle definition and why he says he’ll continue using them as part of his fitness routine when he’s done.

You’ll Also Hear…

*  The real difference between Heavy Hands, kettlebells, and dumbbells and when to use each for maximum strength and definition

*  King’s simple advice for anyone starting out and feeling self-conscious about walking while pumping weights: Don’t care how things look to others. “It’s not about them. It’s about you.” And more advice from this lifelong fitness enthusiast

*  A little-known fact: You can build a ripped body using 5-lb weights. Here are two famous bodybuilders to look up to find out more

*  An insider’s peek at what King’s workout looked like before Heavy Hands and what it looks like now as he’s quickly recovering from his injury

*  After seeing the benefits of Heavy Hands, King says he’ll be incorporating them into his workout from now on because “Why not make it easy on yourself?”

And in this audio, you’ll hear the benefits Heavy Hands can give you during the recovery process and beyond, and just how easy it is to get there.

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