by Michael Senoff | Interview with Gary Matthews

Gary Matthews used to jog and do aerobics, not only as a way to keep weight off but also for the feel-good endorphins those exercises gave him. Then he hurt his back, and he began the quest to find a back-friendly exercise he could do that would give him the same benefits of running. But he could never find that “runner’s high” he was looking for, and he was gaining weight.

He saw Heavy Hands and decided to give it a try. He says he was skeptical at first, but once he got going, his heart pumped faster, he began breathing heavily, and all of the sudden, he was feeling that runner’s high again. He has never looked back. The first seven months using Heavy Hands, he lost 50 lbs. And now, at almost 68, Gary doesn’t take meds, his blood work is great, and his blood pressure is on the low end of normal. And in this audio, you’ll hear how he’s doing it, and how you can do it too.

You’ll Also Hear…

* The easy “try it before you buy it” way Gary tested out Heavy Hands using objects you probably have around your house too

* The single biggest way Heavy Hands helps you keep endurance and strength, which are the two areas Gary says have a tendency to atrophy as muscles shrink and lung capacity gets lessened

* The one simple challenge Gary likes to give his weightlifting friends when they laugh at him for working out with five-pound weights – within five minutes, those bodybuilders are reduced to powder using Gary’s three-pound weights alone

* A quick, no-brainer method for knowing if you’re pushing yourself enough during an exercise routine to get continued benefits, without going overboard and being unsafe

* An insider’s look at Gary’s Heavy Hands routine along with tips and tricks he’s learned along the way

* Exploding the myth that walking with weights doesn’t really do much – and the truth: it’s all in the way you work out with them. Here’s how to do it right

* A little story that demonstrates why it’s so important to gradually work your way up to higher weights: there is potential for injury if you jump weight levels too fast

Gary is an author and publisher, and says he always wanted to write a book about the benefits of Heavy Hands but was reluctant to do so because he didn’t have anywhere to direct people to the product once he raved about it. He was thrilled to see the weights were now being manufactured and updated as Weighted Hands. And in this audio, you’ll hear his amazing story, and how you can have it too.

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