Chris Paton


I am using my old Heavyhands weights I bought in the 1980 s and they have seen better days.
I stopped doing Heavyhands then after a short time because I felt self conscious when people would give me funny looks.
I am much older now and don’t care what people think.
I was in Spain for all of October and took my 3 lb Heavyhands weights and lost 14 pounds.
Now, I am back in United Kingdom and has worked my way up to 5 pounds Heavyhands and feel fitter than I have for five years, even though I had been going to the gym every week.
I am so pleased that you bought Heavyhands back to life as it has been quiet for far too long.
Also, your blog has all the information any new comer will need to get started.
Chris Paton
United Kingdom

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