Don Love


I am a retired RN with ICU/CCU experience, a smoking history (but no more), no drugs, no alcohol.
I am highly allergic or sensitive to every antihypertensive medication they have prescribed to lower my blood pressure.
I started out at 145/104, which no doctor wanted to prescribe more than a brisk daily walk as tolerated.
I have no history of heart attack, circulatory problems, or stroke or similar events. Ironically, this was a support for a downward spiral into sedentary living.
I received my Weighted Hands on the 27th of August.
On the 29th, after a day of wearing them, taking them on and off, trying out their feel, and so forth, I put myself to the test.
I found that I was in such pitiful shape that I became winded after about 20 minutes, with only the end caps on (for a total of 1.5 lbs per hand!
I knew I was in for a bit of an initial struggle, and that I needed to take it slowly, so for the next 3 days, I confined myself to 15 minutes of Walk’n’Pump Level I, but multiple sessions (3/day).
This gradually improved with each meeting, so that by the 3rd day I could tolerate an uninterrupted hour-long session.
I repeated this for the next two days, to build up my stamina, altering Levels to II.
I found that I could tolerate about 45 minutes at Level II fairly well.
I was reaching my target HR for longer periods.
All this time (from day one), I was also going for unweighted walks up to a mile, again to loosen up my legs and spine from all that sedentary living.
I decided to increase the weight to the AMF 2 pound weights (giving me 2.5 lbs in each hand).
Again, this challenged my stamina, but I was making gains and making them faster than I thought.
I have remained at this weight level since and am working up to surpassing a mile and a half sustained.
My weight is dropping off, my core is toning up, my range of motion is becoming more fluid, my respiration are deeper, I’m feeling good and my stamina is way beyond my starting point.
I look forward to my morning challenge, and find that it fuels more energy throughout my day.
I greatly prefer your handles to what I remember of the original ones; the back straps are snug but comforting, not restrictive and stiff.
It was a stroke of genius for you to design them ergonomically, and I am grateful.
I will be ordering 3 pound weights, and sweatbands soon, as soon as I get my next pension check!
Now, thanks to my ND (Naturopathic Physician) and to Weighted Hands, my pressure is averaging about 126/86, and my resting pulse is 61 beats per minute, down from 72 bpm.
Thanks again for bringing Heavy Hands back!
I couldn’t be happier!
Don Love

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