Heavy Hands Twist on Hand Weights (Set of 4)


  • If You’re Into Fitness, Heavy Hands Puts It All Together In Only 15 Minutes a Day.
  • Made From Top Grade USA Steel
  • Heavy Hands Weights Twist On And Fit Existing AMF Heavyhands and Lion Sports Handles
  • Heavy Hands Burns Fat Like Noting Else Making Your Upper Body Cut And Rock Hard
  • Efficient, Safe Way Of Walking While Burning Energy In a Short Amount Of Time.
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You are buying a set of four twist-on Heavy Hands weights to fit your AMF Heavyhands Handles or Heavy Hands Ergonomic grips — IMPORTANT! This listing is for the weights only. THE HANDLE AND ERGONOMIC GRIP; BACK STRAPS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS LISTING Once trained walking with Heavy Hands®, walking for just 15 minutes a day can give you the same calorie and fat burn as walking without for 45 minutes. Moreover, you will see your progress right from the very first day. After three to twelve weeks of training with weighted hands, most men and woman can expect to measure extra muscle on their forearms, biceps, shoulders, and chest – and with clean eating can see an inch or two less flab around the middle. Moreover, that is just the start: there are specific exercises for building up or trimming down any part of your body you want to. What’s more, since Heavy Hands training is progressive, you perform better each time. The practice always seems natural since with every workout your strength and endurance increases. – Increase dramatically in the first six months. We offer machine custom-made Heavy Hands to fit your AMF Heavyhands handles. If you are a man or woman, who wants a proven workout to get fit, healthy while melting the fat around your face, midsection, hips, and arms, you should consider Heavy Hands training and try a set of weights. Remember! You are ordering add-on weights only. You will be shipped one set of four weights to twist onto your existing AMF, or Heavy Hands® handles. For extra handles, grips, lighter weights, or gear, please see out other listings on Amazon

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Set of 4


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