Heavy Hands Twist on Hand Weights (Set of 4) Grips Not Included


  • Set of Heavy Hands Twist On Weights Include 4 Weights ( 2 for each handle )
  • Weights Are Made From Top Grade 1018 cold rolled USA Steel
  • Heavy Hands Twist On Weights Will Fit Your Old AMF / Lion Sports Handles.
  • Weights Come In Their Original Silver Finish.
  • ( they will rust if not protected and they get wet )
  • Consider Our Custom Paint & Rust Protection Service.
  • You are ordering a set of 4 twist-on weight ONLY.
  • If you don’t have any grips yet click here



Our Heavy Hands twist on weights are perfect if you already own a set of the old AMF Heavyhands grips or if you own our new Heavy Hands Ergonomic grips — You are ordering a set of four twist-on weights only. The grips are NOT included in this order. For grips, click here.

Each weight listing represents the actual weight of one of the four weights only in LBS. for example, if you order a set of 1 LB weights, you are getting four individual 1 LB weights. To calculate how much weight you will have in each hand multiply the LB of the weight set you are getting plus the weights of your grip. The old AMF foam grips are 1 LB each. My new Ergonomic grips are 1 1/2 LB each WITHOUT any weights twisted on to the ends.

Additional Info

Additional information


Set of 4


0.5 Pounds, 1.0 Pounds, 1.5 Pounds, 2.0 Pounds, 2.5 Pounds, 3.0 Pounds, 4.0 Pounds, 5.0 Pounds, 6.0 Pounds, 7.0 Pounds, 8.0 Pounds, 9.0 Pounds, 10.0 Pounds

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