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Why I Left Behind My Kettle Bells

This e-mail just in from one of my new Weighted Hands customers.

I am passing along this story because what he shares may be something you can relate to.

Hi Michael,

I have been in fitness for a long time holding positions over the years as Physical Education Director for the Royal Military College, and Chief Instructor for the Canadian Forces School of Physical Education and Recreation.

I have done coaching for many more sports and athletic qualifications including years of martial arts training, and power lifting.

So although I’m just an old guy, I was always keen at fitness and the evolution of training methodologies and equipment over the years.

In 2013 I got my 11th orthopedic operation and had both a titanium knee and shoulder replacement in an 8 month time frame resulting in a hard go of getting my old strength back.

In any case, I’ve rehabbed well and can do virtually all the things I did before with some common sense and a few caveats.

Certainly much more than any typical doctor recommendation.

The hard part at this stage of the game is modifying my workouts to avoid the loss of too much muscle mass while maintaining the tone of my musculature and avoiding the nuisance injuries while still working hard enough to overload my systems enough for a good workout day in and day out.

I’ve incorporated Heavyhands off and on for a few years occasionally rotating it into my training regimen and always having a good workout when I did.

This month, I went on my first long vacation (over two weeks) and only brought a few things to workout figuring I would intersperse the gym, swimming and power walking.

I left behind my kettle bells and power wheel and only brought small hand weights and a wall cable system.

On vacation I realized the gym was okay but problematic and time consuming.

While I am 66, I still workout aggressively and not as your typical 66 year old.

I have had a lifetime approach to staying in shape and serious training in most gyms is difficult as they are more of a social scene than real working out.

Also the limitations of machines and specificity training for overall functionality as you age and wish to retain speed and flexibility.

Power walking, a few body exercises and lap swimming were good but I missed a good workout while here so I restarted the heavy hands workouts every other day alternating my other workouts and noticed some good results as well as a good sweat.

I know the methodology is good and physiologically sound but this was the first time I had used it consistently as my core routine, instead of once in a while.

In summary Heavy Hands started out as just a filler exercise while on holidays, but is has given me some impressive workouts/results and I will continue to see where things go over the next few months.

P.S. I have ordered your Weighted Hands kit and add-on weights.

Victor Trnavskis

Lots of simple reasons why walking and training with Weighted Hands may be a good alternative to high impact exercise.

Dr. Leonard Schwartz VS Steve Reeves . . .

Has The Debate Finally Been Solved?

Who Started The Walking-With-Weights Craze, Dr. Leonard Schwartz or Steve Reeves?

“Steve will go down in history as the most handsome and one of the greatest bodybuilders ever,” says fitness guru and longtime friend Jack LaLanne, 85.

Steve Reeves was a fitness fanatic and a bodybuilder, most famous for playing Hercules in the 1950s.

But in the 1980’s, as he was getting older, he had issues running so he began looking for aerobic exercises that wouldn’t hurt his knees.

He ended up writing a book called Power Walking that would help to popularize the craze of walking with weights to get a full-body workout.

This was also around the time that Dr. Leonard Schwartz published his HeavyHands book, designed to do the same thing.

Both men have since passed away, but the debate lives on about who started what, when, and first.

And in this audio, you’ll hear Steve Reeves’s side of the story, straight from Bob, a fellow bodybuilder and longtime friend of Steve’s.

You’ll Also Hear . . .

* All about Steve’s “trickle-down” smart training: Use your body’s natural blood flow when setting up your exercise routine – and you’ll make it easier on your heart and more effective for your body, here’s how

* The little-known story of how Steve Reeves changed Sylvester Stallone’s life

* The one most-important thing Bob says you need to look for when choosing a fitness role model and an exercise routine – and where to take it from there

* Why Steve believed your neck, arms, and calves should all measure the same – and a quick look at how Bob uses weights in his exercises to achieve that

* What’s more important – nutrition or exercise along with a quick look at how Bob stays fit without ever getting hungry

At age 60, Bob is still a bodybuilder in great shape.

He says, if you want to be successful in any industry, you should find someone who has already achieved the success you want, and do what they did.

That strategy worked for him. While researching how Steve Reeves worked out, Bob ultimately became friends with him.

They shared fitness tips, strategies, and stories. And in this audio, you’ll hear what all of those were.

To listen to the full audio interview,

go to


Scroll down for the interview titled ”

Who Started The Walking-With-Weights Craze, Dr. Leonard Schwartz or Steve Reeves?
” and press the play button.


Michael Senoff

Founder and CEO


Is There A Place For Weighted Hands In Sports . . .

I’ve outlined a few benefits that Weighted Hands can offer armature and or pro athletes in a variety of sports.Football

* Increases grip strength
* Increase dexterity and coordination for ball handling and control
* Running backs and receivers can especially benefit
* Build strong cardio vascular systems
* Builds hand, wrist and arm strength
* Build more endurance for passing, running, blocking, defending and tackling
* Weighted Hands can be used for rehabilitation for injuries, including the arms and shoulders
* Low cost, low impact, portable for traveling.


* Weighted Hands can improves dexterity and coordination for ball handling.
* Increases range of motion for more forceful shooting
* May help with shooting accuracy from the three point and free throw line
* Increases endurance in the upper body for better ball control, dribbling skills and player defense
* Can help train to jump higher and more powerfully
* Low cost, low impact, portable for traveling.


* Working with Weighted hands can maximizes club grip strength
* Build rotational force and driving power to hit the ball further
* Helps for more stabilization with your golf shot
* Improve overall control or swing and ball shot accuracy
* May aid in the pain relief and rehabilitation of golfer’s elbow, tendonitis and rotator cuff problems
* Low cost, low impact, portable for traveling.

Rehab & RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries)

* Working with Weighted hands can aid in pain relief of the hand, wrist, arm and shoulders
* Pain and injury prevention trough strength building endurance
* Rehabilitation of carpal tunnel pain with specific exercises
* Help loosen joints to relieve pain of arthritis, tendonitis and tennis elbow
* Slow, progressive resistance with no impact
* Can help you recover from extensive surgeries
* Help to avoid you having to undergo a surgery
* Low cost, low impact, portable for traveling.


* Develop grip strength
* Build a more powerful throwing and batting arm
* Increase swing range of motion
* Help rehab bad elbows from tendonitis of pitchers and outfielders.
* Increases coordination and dexterity
* Build better throwing accuracy and consistency.
* Low cost, low impact, portable for traveling.


* Builds dexterity
* Increase ball hitting speed and power in forehands, serves and backhands.
* Develop greater range of motion
* Develop more pin-point accuracy and ball placement
* Increase aerobic endurance and conditioning
* Helps strengthen muscles throughout the entire arms and legs
* Help prevent injuries by building more strength
* Rehab from injuries including tennis elbow and tendonitis with minimal impact
* Low cost, low impact, portable for traveling.

These are just a few ideas of how Weighted Hands can better your game.

If you know anyone who is serious about their sport, pass this email over to me.


You’ll FEEL and LOOK stronger.

Results YOU can actually SEE in a mirror.

Results you can measure with a tape.

There’s no need to undress, no need for strenuous exercise, no need for expensive gym visits.

Now build the body you’ve always wanted in just minutes per day in the PRIVACY OF YOUR OWN HOME.

Weighted Hands can start you on the way to a magnificent lean body.

Yes, just thirty minutes a day for 14 days prepares your body for the massive change in your appearance about to take place.

PS. Try Weighted Hands for six weeks if you don’t see results we’ll give you your money back – GUARANTEED!

Financing options available –

Call/Text now 858-692-9461

Michael Senoff

Founder and CEO

Try Weighted Hands for six weeks if you don’t see results we’ll give you your money back – GUARANTEED!

Financing options available –

Call/Text now 858-692-9461

Michael Senoff