I don’t like animated films.

But last night, me and the family watched the soon to be Disney classic called Moana.

It’s about a brave little girl named Moana who was chosen by the sea to travel far, fight great spirits and ultimately save her families Island.

And when Moana was old enough, her father knew the time had come.

So he gave her . . .  “The Talk”.

And he took her on a far journey to the tallest mountain top.

They climbed for what seemed like hours.

And when both reached the peak, he showed her a tower of stone slabs stacked as high as a palm tree.

Each stone placed by each of the fittest tribal leaders going back five hundred years.

And that’s when father told Moana.

“Moana, it’s Time To Put Your Stone On The Mountain.”

And Moana knew what he was saying.

Because she had the drive to be strong.

To have powerful shoulders and arms.

A grip that could crush a coconut.

And the wind in her legs that can take her miles faster than the eagle can fly.

And with Heavy Hands, this can be your truth.

It’s your turn to place your stone on the mountain.

Heavy Hands® is a tool.

It’s one you can use to get in the best shape of your life.

One you can build your upper body and aerobic conditioning.

And one that is essentially a time multiplier for burning fat.

It’s up to you what you do with them.

Michael Senoff


Makers of Heavy Hands Weights, Grips & Gear

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