Learn How To Turn A Walk Into A Full-Body Workout . . .

When Ed’s doctor told him to walk at least three miles a day, Ed thought, “Well, what about my arms?”

In a normal walk, your arms aren’t really doing much, and to Ed that seemed like a real waste.

So Ed looked around and discovered HeavyHands.

He says, when he started incorporating them into his walks in October, he weighed about 265.

By January, he was down to 238.

And in this quick audio, you’ll hear how he’s doing it.

You’ll Also Hear…

* The strange thing Ed notices if he puts his walks off now that’s he’s gotten into a routine with HeavyHands

* How many pounds Ed works out with and the specific exercises he adds to his walks using the weights

* Clear and straight-forward advice for anyone starting out

Ed says, like with anything else in life, using HeavyHands gets easier the more you do it.

And it won’t be long before your full-body workout won’t seem like much of a workout at all. You’ll hear all about it in this audio.

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Michael Senoff

Founder and CEO