We get calls from all kinds of long time Heavyhands users.

And here is a fun example they usually play out.


Michael, I just rediscovered Heavyhands after a suffering an injury from heavy dead lifting awhile back.

We had an old pair of my mothers in the back of her closet.

I am trying to get back in shape and recover.

I have lost about 25 pounds using Heavyhands, doing kettle bell swings, and dieting over the past two months.

I have been doing step ups with a 5 lb pair of Heavyhands on a punching bag I have lying on the floor.

I do it for 30 minutes at a time (kind of like running stairs).

I find it much more challenging than walking on a treadmill.

I have read Dr. Leonard Schwartz’s books and wish I would have been doing this type of workout years ago.

I just feel fantastic doing this type of panaerobic workout.

Your modern Weighted Hands set ups look great, probably much better than the older ones.

The question I have do you sell the new set in a package deal with several different sized weights?

I plan on continuing this type of workout and my handles are rather old and I would like to upgrade.

Thanks again for your assistance.



That is great news Jack.

I don’t really have a package deal because I sell the weights separate from the Ergo Handles.

My ergo handles are $129 for the set. Shipping is free.

I can custom fit your hand size. You just tell me your hand size, s,m,l,xl.

Like you said, it’s an investment in you and your future.

You will only need to pay me once for the life of the product.

I have given you the price for the 4 and 5 lb sets.

What additional weights are you thinking about getting?

Maybe I can offer you a bit of a discount.


I guess what I would like to do is order a set of your handles with the set of four of the 5 lb weights.

I have medium sized hands.

I will order additional weights from you when I am able to go heavier.

So would the total cost be $274.00 including shipping to Olathe Kansas and you accept PayPal?

If so send me the invoice and I will send the funds to your PayPal account this evening.

Thanks again.



Hi Michael,

Just sent you the payment to your PayPal account.

Thanks again for all your help.

I may order a set of lighter weights for my wife in a few weeks.