Medical voices from Lancet to the Mayo Clinic and more all claiming that walking is the “Superfood of Exercise”.

And research backs up the claims and more:

* Walking actually reduces the rate of Diabetes.

* Men and women who walk have dramatically lower risks of certain types of Cancer.

* Walking has shown to reduce the cell deterioration in the brain for people who are
genetically at high risk of Alzheimer’s.

* Walking promotes Heart Health and Weight Loss

* Walking requires No Equipment

Walking IS great, if you can walk FAST ENOUGH and LONG ENOUGH to achieve your goals!

According to Princeton University the average person walks about 3 miles per hour. That’s equivalent to a 20 minute mile

If you’re 150 pounds and want to burn off 100 calories, it means you’ll have to walk about 30 minutes.

To burn a pound of fat (3,500 calories) by walking 3miles per hour, you’d have to walk 36 miles !

What if there were a way to TRIPLE the calories you burn walking without ever having to walk faster?

You can!

It’s as simple as walking with WEIGHTED HANDS and moving your arms as you walk!

Walking with WEIGHTED HANDS can not only TRIPLE the calories you burn while walking, it can also provide amazing health benefits that walking alone will never do:

1. Burns FAT, not MUSCLE. Your unused muscles can be “cannibalized” to provide energy if they aren’t being used during exercise! Activate your upper body using WEIGHTED HANDS and you’ll LOSE FAT, AND GAIN MUSCLE.

2. Builds BONE DENSITY. Only weight bearing exercise like WEIGHTED HANDS can keep your bones from turning to jelly.

3. Builds UPPER BODY STRENGTH. Walking alone totally ignores your upper body musculature. Weighted hands can prevent upper body DETERIORATION!

4. Builds WHOLE BODY ENDURANCE. Your normal stroll won’t build up endurance. The same walk done with WEIGHTED HANDS will!

Let’s summarize… they way you’re walking right now,

* There’s little or no cardiovascular benefit

* There’s no real weight loss benefit

* There’s little muscular benefit

* There’s little bone density benefit

Walking with WEIGHTED HANDS will SUPERCHARGE the benefits you receive from walking and make your walking sessions the exercise superfood you wanted them to be in the first place!

A simple change… learning how to WALK  with WEIGHTED HANDS …

* Burn more calories in less time.

* Builds upper body muscles

* Protect your cardiovascular system

* Protect your bones

Walking with WEIGHTED HANDS will get you the RESULTS you want by walking and  you’ll be able to feel and see the difference in as little as 14 days!

Want more proof? If you know what you’re doing (and you’ve built yourself up to it!) when you’re walking with WEIGHTED HANDS, it’s actually possible to burn over 500 calories in 30 minutes – 1,000 calories per hour!

The genius behind this discovery is none other than Leonard Schwartz, M.D.,  the creator of “HeavyHands” who tested everyone of his exercise theories at the University of Pittsburgh’s human performance labs.

Once a fat, two packs a day smoker, he chose to exercise rather than die.  Running was a fad then and he took it up with gusto… only to be sidelined by a hamstring injury.

Unable to run … he scrambled for a suitable replacement exercise knowing that walking alone WOULD NOT WORK!
His research soon uncovered that any exercise that utilizes ALL FOUR LIMBS could turn his relatively unimpressive walks in the park into powerful workouts that produced even more strength and endurance gains than running alone!

It’s all because he learned how to walk with WEIGHTED HANDS!

Now it’s your turn! Don’t settle for walking alone when you can achieve the health benefits you really want using WEIGHTED HANDS!