Did you know the term “Dumbbell” didn’t originally refer to a handheld weight?

Instead it referred to a real life “bell” like the ones that would ring day and night from a church or public building. People would install them in their homes for the exercise value of tugging on the rope!

The only difference was that these bells didn’t ring. They were mute or “dumb”… hence the term “dumbbell”!

It just goes to show that just when you think you know everything worth knowing about something, you may end up having to rethink what you thought you “knew for sure”!

That’s not only true about the “name” of the dumbbell. It’s also true when it comes to thinking that those “dumbbells” you’re using down at the gym are the tool you need to blast blubber or get that “ripped” and muscular look you’re working out to achieve.

…in fact, it’s quite likely those dumbbells you’re lifting may not be doing the work you need – and never can!

Why’s that?


To look “ripped” you must not only build muscle, you must burn calories!

You must obliterate the layers of subcutaneous fat that will hide whatever muscle you do build like a “cloaking device”.

Burning those calories takes sheer work. And the dumbbells you’re using and the way you’re using them aren’t capable of getting the work done that you need to do!

It’s just math really.

Let’s say you’re trying to build up some lean and mean arms and shoulders.

Hey, who isn’t?

So you do three sets of 10 curls with 20 lb. dumbbells.

You rest a few minutes between each set and before moving to the next exercise… Overhead presses for three sets of 10 as well.

Then you do three sets of 10 upright rows with the same dumbbells.

How much work have you really done?

By the time you’ve done the set and rested for one minute you’ve got about 2.5 to 3 minutes invested per set.

By the time you’re done you’ve worked 25 to 30 minutes total and still haven’t worked the rest of your body.

We still really haven’t gotten to how much work you’ve really done.

When it comes to “work”, let’s figure that when you move your dumbbell from the resting position at your thighs to the overhead position you’ve moved the weights a total of 42 inches.

(You’re doing the exercises separately but we’ll combine them when calculating the work output!)

When you’re doing the upright rows, you’re moving the weight 25 inches total.

Now we’ll calculate your total “work output” by multiplying the distance, by the weight, by the number of repetitions. OK?

Curls and Presses totaled – 42 inches x 40 lbs. x 30 = 50,400 “units”

Upright rows totaled – 25 inches x 40 lbs x 30 = 30,000 “units”

The totals “units” of work output for the three combined exercises, then, are 80,400 units in 25-30 minutes.

Respectable? Or not so much?

What if you could learn how to….

  • Increase the work output by 500%,
  • CUT your training time by more than HALF (or 10Xs your work output in the time previously used ineffectively!)
  • Burn massive calories and EXPOSE those “hidden” muscles
  • Exercise your whole body, AND
  • Give you the endurance of a long distance runner without ever breaking into a jog!

You CAN achieve all these benefits faster than you think by forgetting the dumbbells, changing your thinking, and learning to walk with WEIGHTED HANDS!

It’s true. The very same experiment has been done repeatedly while being tested by physicians and university trained observers!

Best of all you will turn your whole body into a FAT BURNING, OXYGEN PROCESSING MACHINE that in the words of Dr. Leonard Schwartz who pioneered this type of training allowed him to “eat like a young horse” while boasting a ripped, lean physique at age 70+  that turned the heads of men and women far younger than him!

If you’re not reading this while seated, sit down because your head is about to explode!

If you thought you were getting a “good workout” for your arms, you could be doing FAR BETTER, working out FAR LESS, and actually achieving the results you’re seeking by walking with WEIGHTED HANDS.

If you had simply walked with our ergonomically designed 10lb. WEIGHTED HANDS, for 25 minutes, you’d have performed over 1 million work units with your arms alone, not to mention the work done by your legs!

That’s over ten times the work units your 20 lb. dumbbell workout gave you.

While lifting dumbbells the old-fashioned way isn’t a great calorie burner, walking with WEIGHTED HANDS will burn far more calories than lifting dumbbells or even running alone.

How much, you ask?

First, that depends on your bodyweight because you’ll be moving your whole body.

But based on our example, someone weighing 125 lbs, walking with WEIGHTED HANDS and lifting 10lbs 42 inches would burn an amazing calorie load! How much?

If our 125 pound person ran for 25 minutes at the speed of 5 miles per hour, he’d burn 189 calories… and do virtually nothing for his arms and shoulders in the process.

But walk with those 10 lb. WEIGHTED HANDS for 25 minutes as described above and he’ll not only get a powerful arm and shoulder workout along with solid leg exercise, he’ll also burn 300 calories, almost DOUBLE without even breaking into a jog!

And, of course, if you weigh more, you’re burning more calories! Using the example above, a 200 pound person would be burning 960 calories in only 50 minutes!

Why does this burn calories so well? It’s been known for decades that athletes who use the most oxygen when they compete (and therefore burn the most calories) are the ones who use both their arms and legs at the same time like cross-country skiers.

When you walk with WEIGHTED HANDS, you harness this knowledge for your own bodybuilding advantage!

As your arms become conditioned, you’ll find that it becomes easier and easier to burn the calories you want to stay “ripped” because working your arms and legs together “feels” easier than working exercises that only isolate a small muscle group.

With WEIGHTED HANDS it becomes possible to build muscle, burn fat, and take care of your heart in one “package”!

Because of the amazing CALORIE BURN that comes with WEIGHTED HANDS instead of dumbbells you’d be well on your way to actually GETTING that ripped physique and those muscular arms (and whole body in fact) most gym rats CRAVE while taking care of your cardiovascular health at the same time!

Who knew it could be so easy?

Waited Hands should never be confused with dumbbells. One look at our ergonomic design clearly sets Weighted Hands apart from such conventional weights. Our textured no-slip grip and the soft form fitting back-straps will provide you with maximum comfort over an extended period. They’ll fit snugly onto your hands. They don’t have to be gripped so there is no chafing, no straining, no cramps, and no constriction.