My youngest son Alan is getting into wrestling at his high school.

He’s on the freshman team.

I told him that 90% of all matches can be predicted even before the wrestler steps into the match.

It’s a fact.

And that’s all predicted in the practice and conditioning before this match.

So I shared this story with him last night to try and give him an idea of what it takes to be the best.

Dan Gable grew up in West Waterloo, Iowa.

He was an undefeated high school wrestler.

He went to Iowa State University.

He won every single match until his very last match, the championship match and he lost.

Dan went through high school and college with only one loss.

Now we’re talking about 1966-1967.

Dan set his goal to win the 1972 Olympic Gold Medal.

Dan had so many physical problems with his knees and his ears.

Doctors told him . . .“ you’re risking a lifetime of injury.”

So Dan started wrestling on one leg.

And he said wrestling on one leg made him a better wrestler.

In 1972, not only did he win the Gold Medal, nobody scored a point on him.

That would be like a pitcher throwing two or three no-hitters in the World Series.

Not to give up a point is just remarkable.

Then he came back after the Olympics, and he became the head coach at the University of Iowa.

Every year they won the Big 10 Championship.

They went on to win 15 National Championships.

Iowa was untouchable.

During a question and answer period at one of Dan’s talks, somebody asked Dan,

“Dan, what was it that made you such a good collegiate wrestler?”

And Dan explained how “Every afternoon at Iowa State we used to work out from 4:00-6:30.

From 6:00-6:30, we did the hardest conditioning anybody could do.”

“Then at 6:30, it was over.

And all my teammates would hit the showers and get ready to go home.”

Dan said, “I went to the locker room and I got my jump rope.

Then I’d go back into the wrestling room and I’d start jumping rope until I passed out.

When Dan said, “until I passed out,” I said to myself,

“Now I know the difference .”

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