Nothing beats this
There are other aerobic activities like running, swimming, bicycling, cross country skiing, but I believe Weighted Hands has advantages over the rest.

Weighted Hands is the only aerobic activity that offers a minimal chance for injury, requires little equipment and gives a total body workout.

Not only does running do nothing to develop the upper body, but running injuries are very common, partially because the running motion delivers a joke to the joints roughly equal to three times one’s body weight.

In our Weighted Hands training, you simply walk with your hands . . . “Weighted”.

Each week, you’ll progress to more and more weight in each hand.

As a result, there is considerably less force placed on your bodies joints, particularly the knees and hips since the speed at which you transfer your weight from one foot to another is substantially slower than running, and your feet remain closer to the ground.

While swimming, bicycling and cross country skiing also give excellent aerobic workouts, with few entries, swimming requires the presence of a pool or body of water, bicycling requires a bicycle and dealing with traffic, and cross country skiing isn’t possible year-round.

The greatest benefit of Weighted Hands is that anyone can do it, anywhere, with almost no risk of injury, and they can do it year-round without expensive equipment.

Senoff who is 50, walks pumping 11 1/2 lb Weighted Hands three to four miles, four to five times per week.

He says . .  “I do it because once conditioned, it’s easy.  I can work my entire body out, get aerobically conditioned and keep my upper body looking good and strong.

But the hidden reason I do it is because I can continue to eat whatever I want.”

We manufacture and market a line of updated and re-engineered weighted hands training aids for rapid fat reduction and strength endurance for walkers runners and sports enthusiast.

We invite you to use Weighted Hands in or out of your own home for 14 days.