If you’re new to Weighted Hand and your upper body and arms are not conditioned, this may be a good place to start.

It’s your ultimate Weighted Hands multi-pack exercise system complete with the Walkplus Instructional DVD and instruction guide featuring fitness guru, Leigh Crews.

Here’s What You Get

This multi-pack with DVD combines strength, endurance, and flexibility training for an efficient and effective workout every time.

This is a great set if you are new to Weighted Hands.

You Set Includes:

1) Leigh Crews’ Walkplus DVD

2) Convenient black carrying case

3) One pair of original Heavyhands handles with glove-like comfort

4) Plastic end caps (making the handles 1 lbs. each)

5) One set of #2  Heavyhands add-on weights (making the handles with weights 2 lbs total in each hand)

6) One set of steel 3 lbs. Heavyhands add-on weights (making the handles with weights 3 lbs total in each hand)

7) Heavyhands workout and instructional guide.

This set holds all the tools you’ll need to start burning fat, toning up fast, and getting you in the best shape of your life.

As you become stronger, you’ll want to progress to more weight.

We make weights up to 7 1/2 lbs. on each side, giving you up to 15 lbs. in each hand.

This is quite the workout even for most fit amongst you.

All AMF and Lion Sports Heavyhands add-on weights will twist onto these handles.

Here’s the link below showing you more details and photos.

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