Zane Hanna is a 70 Year Old Marine who Gets Ripped With HeavyHands.

He’s an ex-marine, body builder, and fireman who’s still going strong at 70 years old.

When Zane was in the military, he used to manage gyms, so he’s done a lot of training and has helped a lot of guys train.

Zane still remembers when he stumbled onto HeavyHands in the 1970s.

He was looking for a way to build his upper body that wasn’t swimming, and he’s never looked back.

Even now he won’t miss his HeavyHands workout for much. He says it’s a nice blend of resistance and aerobic exercise with the side benefit that you’ll get ripped if you do it right.

And in this audio, you’ll hear his inspiring story, along with the workout he does in just one hour that’s helped to keep him in peak shape throughout his life.

You’ll Also Learn

• A little-known fact: Faster isn’t a better workout, and neither is adding more weight. There’s one thing that matters most – “Time under tension” – here’s what that means, and how to incorporate it into your routine

• Everything you need to know about Zane’s one-hour workout: he sets his timer for 30 minutes (so he knows when to turn around and head home), then makes every step count with these core exercises

• The details about how Zane coped with his Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis (caused by Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam), the simple changes he made to his routine that helped him manage the disease – and how he’s done it all without ever having to take insulin

• Exactly why you should never make “losing weight” your exercise goal, what you should be going for instead, and the right way to make that your focus

• The demystifying truth about lactic acid burn and why Zane says you won’t ever get it with HeavyHands

• The one movement Zane sees people with HeavyHands doing wrong and how to make sure you do it right

• A quick “insider’s look” at making up your Heavy Hands exercises – and some ideas around what Zane does

Zane is an inspiration, and in this audio, you’ll hear all about him, along with his HeavyHands routine that helped get him there, allowing him to stay in peak shape his entire life.

To listen to the full audio interviews with Zane and with other Heavyhands and Weighted Hands users,

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Scroll down for the interview and press the play button.


Weighted Hands are expensive compared to regular dumbbells.

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Weighted Hands are a tool.

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One you can build you upper body and aerobic conditioning.

And one that is essentially a time multiplier for burning fat.

It’s up to you what you do with them.

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Now get out and get ripped!

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