I’ve outlined a few benefits that Weighted Hands can offer armature and or pro athletes in a variety of sports.


* Increases grip strength
* Increase dexterity and coordination for ball handling and control
* Running backs and receivers can especially benefit
* Build strong cardio vascular systems
* Builds hand, wrist and arm strength
* Build more endurance for passing, running, blocking, defending and tackling
* Weighted Hands can be used for rehabilitation for injuries, including the arms and shoulders
* Low cost, low impact, portable for traveling.


* Weighted Hands can improves dexterity and coordination for ball handling.
* Increases range of motion for more forceful shooting
* May help with shooting accuracy from the three point and free throw line
* Increases endurance in the upper body for better ball control, dribbling skills and player defense
* Can help train to jump higher and more powerfully
* Low cost, low impact, portable for traveling.


* Working with Weighted hands can maximizes club grip strength
* Build rotational force and driving power to hit the ball further
* Helps for more stabilization with your golf shot
* Improve overall control or swing and ball shot accuracy
* May aid in the pain relief and rehabilitation of golfer’s elbow, tendonitis and rotator cuff problems
* Low cost, low impact, portable for traveling.

Rehab & RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries)

* Working with Weighted hands can aid in pain relief of the hand, wrist, arm and shoulders
* Pain and injury prevention trough strength building endurance
* Rehabilitation of carpal tunnel pain with specific exercises
* Help loosen joints to relieve pain of arthritis, tendonitis and tennis elbow
* Slow, progressive resistance with no impact
* Can help you recover from extensive surgeries
* Help to avoid you having to undergo a surgery
* Low cost, low impact, portable for traveling.


* Develop grip strength
* Build a more powerful throwing and batting arm
* Increase swing range of motion
* Help rehab bad elbows from tendonitis of pitchers and outfielders.
* Increases coordination and dexterity
* Build better throwing accuracy and consistency.
* Low cost, low impact, portable for traveling.


* Builds dexterity
* Increase ball hitting speed and power in forehands, serves and backhands.
* Develop greater range of motion
* Develop more pin-point accuracy and ball placement
* Increase aerobic endurance and conditioning
* Helps strengthen muscles throughout the entire arms and legs
* Help prevent injuries by building more strength
* Rehab from injuries including tennis elbow and tendonitis with minimal impact
* Low cost, low impact, portable for traveling.

These are just a few ideas of how Weighted Hands can better your game.

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